an example of a sleek and practical kitchen

When it comes to design, efficiency is always a top priority. Your kitchen should be no different. If you’re ready to update this very busy space, think about these five ways to improve its flow and functionality.

Include Custom Storage

Many homes are built with cookie-cutter kitchen designs that do not allow for customized use. Your appliances might fit in their designated spaces, or they may have to be left on the counter. Big items like cookie sheets and large pots may use up a lot of space. A custom cabinet setup can allow specialized spaces for those, freeing up your other cabinets. Design a new kitchen to accommodate the things that you use the most when you cook.

Add a Second Sink

A double-basin sink used to be the height of efficient kitchen design, but many homeowners find that their kitchen remodeling project should include a secondary sink. Another sink located in an island can create an efficient space for washing produce while the other sink may be occupied with cleanup. If you can’t incorporate an additional sink, at least check on a deeper basin for greater flexibility.

Reconsider Floor Layout

The greatest barrier to efficient kitchen operation is movement. Anyone who has cooked with even just one other person knows that it’s easy to run into each other, spill things, and otherwise slow down the process. Focus on a design that creates space between essentials like the refrigerator, sink, and range so that people can work independently at each.

Improve Lighting

This is another area where older kitchens fall behind. A single fixture in the middle of the room is not the ideal arrangement. A central light causes shadows to fall on everything you do around the perimeter of the kitchen. Add recessed lights and even fixtures under your cabinets to improve the visibility and make those measuring spoons, cookbooks, and package directions easier to see.

Convert Countertops

For several years, granite countertops were all the rage. Beautiful and durable, they matched many types of decor and could deliver years of service. Over time, though, the extra cleaning demands and significant weight of granite countertops drew them out of favor. There are still plenty of great materials on the market. Choose one with easy maintenance and versatile design so that you can get many years of performance from your new countertop.

A kitchen renovation is a golden opportunity to correct all the things you wish you’d done last time, or to upgrade from an outdated design. Keep efficiency and practical operation in mind through the process.

By Lizzie Weakley

Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and walks in the park with her three-year-old husky, Snowball.

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