Different people call this part of the house various names; master bedroom, bedroom 1, main bedroom, and master ensuite. Whatever you call it, you want the room to be perfect. You want your master bedroom to be a private sanctuary where you will escape after a hectic day. Also, you want the place to be comfortable enough to have a good night’s sleep as you relax your body.

When creating your master bedroom, there are many designs and trends you can go for but ensure you go for the best according to your preferences. Below are some tips that are going to help you in creating a perfect master bedroom.


You want your master bedroom to serve all functions. You might be having enough bathrooms in your house, but a well-appointed ensuite with dual vanity, quality tapware, standalone bath, and showers is a luxe feature you would want your master bedroom to have. Adding a modern bathroom sink faucet in your bathroom should also be a priority.

You would also want to include deluxe wardrobes. They would make your bedroom have a luxurious design. Such closets have a lot of storage space and feature a lot of hanging space. Deluxe wardrobes also have stylish finishing and cabinetry, which will contribute to your master bedroom design.


Your master bedroom should have different pieces of furniture. While most people go for matching pieces of furniture, mismatched furniture pieces add an eclectic and personalized look. As you mix the parts, use furniture with a common element like accents or wood finish.

The size of the room should also determine the furniture you will have in your room. If you place large furniture in a small bedroom, it will look overpowered while small furniture in a large bedroom makes the room look insipid.


Your master bedroom is a room for relaxation and resting. Use soothing colors that will make you comfortable. Grey and white are the two colors that exude a sense of peace and warmth. You can also add taupe, cream, and pale blue tones to the list.

When painting the walls, you could use the same color in each wall or use one wall as a feature to create a wow effect. You could use stone, brick, timber, wallpaper, or different paint color to create the effect.


When deciding the location of your master bedroom, think about the future too. You might think positioning it near your children’s room now is the right choice. However, you should also think ahead of time. When children grow up, privacy will be one of their high priorities. Let your master bedroom be in a strategic position in the house.


Lighting is a significant influencer of the style and mood of a room. Using a layered approach to light is the best option you could go for. When using the method, you will mix the three basic types of lighting. You could use an accent, task, and ambient light to create a well-lit and balanced room. Warm and soft light mimics the sun during winter months and makes relaxation easy. Task lighting is preferred for overhead lighting and bedside tables.

Window Coverings

The window coverings are essential in your master bedroom as they add to the room’s aesthetics. Consider what shutters, blinds, or curtains would work best according to the décor of your room.

As you choose, remember darkness for sleeping and privacy is also essential. If your master bedroom faces the north, west, or east, you will have plenty of sunlight, so block-out curtains or binds would be your go-to option during summer.


When thinking about it visually, the bed is the focal point of your master bedroom. With that in mind, remember to choose colors, tones, and textures that complement the theme of your design. If you are after a luxurious ambiance, an impressive bed will help you achieve that. Also, if you are after a minimalistic look, a sleek contemporary bedframe would come in handy.


Having your dream master bedroom requires not only effort and time but also great insight. The tips above will help you create the master bedroom you have always dreamt of. Redesigning and remodeling our bedrooms to the private enclaves we desire will take time, but don’t good things take time?