Woman holding silicon bags for breast implant

Of the many body augmentation processes offered, breast implants are one of the most popular. Since 1997, the number of women who have gotten implants to enlarge their breasts or replace them due to cancer has tripled. This is despite an ongoing debate of how safe the procedure is and the possible effects of different implant types.

You might still be undecided at this point as to which direction you want to turn. Not only is it an expensive procedure but it also changes the structure of your body. To guide you to a decision, here are some pros and cons of breast implants.

PRO: There’s An Implant For All Sizes

Breast implants aren’t designed for one shape of a woman. Today, they can be surgically added to any type of figure. For instance, someone who wants Asian breast augmentation in Toronto can get it without much difficulty.

What’s needed when making a decision is the plastic surgeon knows the limits of implants per a woman’s height, weight, and structure. This is for health reasons, as one’s that are too large can result in back and shoulder pain for smaller women.

CON: Lack Of Insurance Coverage

Most health insurance companies don’t consider breast augmentation surgery to be a medical issue. The exception is if it’s related to breast cancer. Or, if the size of their natural breasts causes physical ailments.

If this is the case with your insurance, then you might end up paying the full amount for the surgery. While the cost has gone down since the inception of the procedure, it’s still expensive.

PRO: They Can Improve Your Figure or Shape

Under-developed breasts can be as much a burden as large ones. Women may feel self-conscious around other females with normal-sized structures. Also, they can have difficulty finding blouses or dresses with the right fit. This can cause psychological issues such as depression.

Implant surgery doesn’t promise to improve connected mental issues. However, they can start a process that makes you feel better about yourself. In turn, you’re willing to go out and speak with a mental professional on how to improve your self-esteem.

CON: It Is Surgery

The procedure to augment your breasts isn’t something done at your general practitioner’s office. It’s a surgery; therefore, it comes with all the risks and potential after-effects. You’ll receive general anesthesia and spend one to two hours on an operating room table.

When the procedure is finished, you’ll either be able to go home or select to spend a night in the hospital. Regardless, you’ll feel pain and discomfort for several days since the medical professionals need to cut in and around the breast area to add the implants.

PRO: They Are Long Lasting

Implants, whether they’re made of saline or silicone, last for a long period of time. Some retain their shape and consistency for nearly a decade before replacement. If the patient decides on a design that looks natural, the implants can last longer.

Their resiliency provides continued value in terms of emotional satisfaction and clothing investment. For example, long-lasting implants mean there’s no need to purchase push-up or padded bras.

CON: You Might Get Tired Of Them

There could be any number of factors why you may no longer want the implants. For instance, the initial elation you had started to evaporate. Or, you may want another size. Then again, you might get scared that they’ll burst.

In the end, the reason doesn’t matter. A decision to remove the implants means another round of surgery. In turn, that results in additional costs and time to recover.

Breast implant surgery isn’t something to decide on in an evening. It takes some time to go from idea to implementation. You need to speak with plastic surgeons and visit your general practitioner to see if implants are feasible. In addition, you need to see if there’s a way to blunt the cost.

You also want to consider the after-effects of the surgery and the possible discomfort. When you go through that, then you need to go back to the first reasons why you should have breast implant surgery. If you’re still positive about the process after this, then you’re on the way to a different figure and emotional state.

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