Pregnancy is a time when you become more attuned to your body. As you wait to feel those little flutters and kicks, you might also begin to notice that other symptoms of pregnancy are not so desirable. Women often experience headaches throughout each trimester, and figuring out the cause of yours helps you to enjoy more of the exciting aspects of bringing a child into the world.

Practice Self-Care for Fluctuating Hormones

The most obvious cause of pregnancy headaches is often just plain old hormones. Hormonal fluctuations are especially noticeable in the first and third trimesters when your body is working hard to give your developing baby what it needs to grow and prepare for birth. There is not much you can do about these hormonal up’s and down’s, but you can practice self-care to avoid feeling the worst effects. Go ahead and take a nap when you feel tired or lower the lights to see if it helps ease your headache before it gets worse.

Minimize the Impact of Stress on Your Body

Pregnancy also generates physical and mental strain that contributes to headaches. TMJ symptoms often get worse during pregnancy due to issues such as jaw clenching and nighttime tooth grinding. Your posture also changes with your growing belly, which can strain your jaw joints. A TMJ dentist can assess your jaw alignment and make recommendations to help you find greater comfort. Many treatments are safe for pregnancy such as using clear plastic aligners to move your teeth and jaw into the correct position.

Watch Out for Dehydration

Dehydration headaches can feel like a severe migraine. During pregnancy, your body’s need for water increases. It is common to get overheated or to forget to drink enough water when you are so busy planning for your baby’s arrival. Try drinking a glass of water as soon as you feel a headache coming on. If you are not a fan of water, then try eating hydrating fruits and vegetables. Melons are a great source of water, and they have a soothing effect on your body when it is hot outside.

Avoid New Trigger Foods

Pregnancy changes many things, and one of the changes that you might not expect is dealing with food sensitivities. Certain foods are known for triggering headaches, and it is worth checking your diet to see if you are eating anything that may be contributing to the problem. Chocolate, cheese and other dairy products are potential trigger foods that you might need to avoid right now.

Some pregnancy symptoms are unavoidable such as morning sickness, but you don’t have to live with headaches for the next nine months. Take the time to do a little sleuthing to uncover the reason behind your migraines. The solution is likely simple and worth pushing since it helps you enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.

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