How many kids grow up, not knowing how their own political system functions and how laws are made? Did you know how the court system worked or how foreign policy was made when you were growing up? Probably not, but now, there are smartphones and social media, so your kids are bound to be open to this sort of information. So, as a parent it’s your duty to show your children various political events, explain to them what politics is all about, and generally, educate them on world events that have shaped modern society.

Where to begin?

The subject of politics is so broad, where on earth do you actually start with children? It’s a good idea to buy them books on various political leanings. Don’t be shy to give them books about things you disagree with, it’s important they learn both sides of the political aisle. Books on Capitalism, Socialism, protectionism, free markets, nationalism, internationalism, globalism and many more, should be on the cards. You can read them a chapter of these books as their bedtime stories or perhaps, just a task you do every Sunday to educate your child on politics. 

Set them questions to answer about the books they read. This can be taken from the internet or you can make them up if you want to get specific answers.

World War Two

One of the most prolific episodes in human history, was World War Two. it quite clearly involved the largest nations in the world, that had different views and cultures. Watching documentaries about this event and period in history, is highly recommended. The World At War is by far the most detailed documentary series on this war and can be bought online. The different nation’s leaders should be studied as well as their domestic politics.

Going to the political heart

Taking a trip to your nation’s political heart should without a doubt, be on the list of your things to do regarding teaching your children about politics. If you’re in the UK, take your children to the Palace of Westminster, if you’re a parent from South Africa, take your children to the Parliament buildings and if you’re from America, take them to Capitol Hill. There are guided tours done by the buildings themselves, which you can buy tickets online.

The current system

The current political landscape is very murky, but you can learn the truth. Visit the Debt to Success System blog. The recent wars that have shaped foreign policy are exposed. The tragedy of 9/11 was reacted to in a horrible manner which many say made things worse. The US and other nations have since, been gripped in an endless war in the Middle East, and even after 20 years, this still has an effect on political systems now. Take a look at who profits from war and various dubious things like, how opium production increased as war in Afghanistan hotted up.

Parents have a duty to educate their kids about politics and not wait for them to learn about it on their own. This is how you can start and guide your kids through very important hallways. 

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