A example of an electic room.

If your house is starting to look or feel boring, you can give it a facelift with minimal cost and effort. Instead of selling this property and buying another, enhance the beauty of your current home to fall in love with it all over again.

Replace the Windows

New windows in a home are like giving it a facelift. Fresh frames and clear glass in a trendy or traditional style can improve the look of every room in the house. With numerous styles to choose from, including a bay window, beveled windows, or colored glass as well as options like paned glass or light-adjusting windows, you can add creative flair to your home with just this one improvement.

Add New Light Fixtures

Another way to enhance lighting in each room is to update your lighting features. You can replace the ceiling light fixtures for a more modern look or choose a rustic style for your country-themed home. Consider decorating with table lamps or lampstands to create ambiance and mood lighting for various times of day and evening activities. Swag lamps, chandeliers, and wall sconces are more ways to upgrade your home’s current lighting.

Paint the Rooms

Fresh paint can do wonders to brighten and freshen any room of the house. Choose colors that coordinate from one room to the next, since you probably do not want the rooms all painted the same. You might want to paint closet doors and bookshelves to go with the wall colors. Ceilings are usually white, although they could be color-toned as well.

Consult a professional house painter for creative ideas and tips or hire an expert to handle all the paint work.

Install New Flooring

If your home has wood floors that are in decent shape, get them sanded and polished to make them shine. Scuff marks or dents in the flooring can be covered by attractive area rugs that work with the home’s overall style. Carpet is another option to update your home’s look, whether you use it in all the rooms or just some. Waterproof tile comes in beautiful designs that will your bathroom and kitchen even more appealing.


After making changes like those above, redecorate your home in a new style that suits your lifestyle. Choose neutral paint and floors with splashes of vibrant color in wall art, throw cushions, and table décor. For a natural look, add plants, wood or stone accents, and lantern-type lighting.

Have fun imagining your home in new colors, arrangements, and styles. Rearrange the furniture while you’re at it. Then celebrate your redecorating effects with a special family dinner or fun night.