3 Tips to Make Work-from-Home Easier

Image: Envato

Working from home can be enjoyable with many exciting benefits. However, there are as many challenges as well. From getting distracted, setting your mind-set, and handling family members, there are more distractions at home than in the office.

However, with proper planning of communication tools and the right mindset, working from home should be simple. Here are some tips for you if you are planning to work from home.


The top key to success at work from home is proper communication. Your team leader and manager need to know whether you are available and ready to execute your duties. It will help if you call your colleagues instead of sending emails if you are a leader to share information with your team and provide them with the technology they need to keep constant communication.

Ensure that you get your communication technology in order and updated to ensure that you do not miss anything. It would be best if you had your work laptop in place and a proper internet connection. It would be best if you also had your smartphone for easier text messaging and calls when needed.

Consider opting for free online video conferencing to enhance communication with your co-worker. This option can host up to 100 participants per meeting. The exciting thing with an open online meeting room is that it gives the participant a chance to meet virtually before the session gets started. Video conferencing will help you solve the issue of isolation and isolation.

Google+ hangouts can also be an ideal medium for video chats. With Google Hangouts, you can hold a meeting of up to ten participants for free. It also allows you to share your screen with others. The app is compatible with other apps such as Cacoo and Slideshare through which you can give presentations or drawings.

Zoom is another splendid video conferencing software app that can help you communicate effectively with your co-workers. Zoom will help you virtually interact with your employees or colleagues through video, audio, or both. As you conduct live chats, you can record the conversations so that you can view them later. You can easily access zoom meetings through Webcam or phone. You can make good use of these communication tools to keep in touch with your co-workers and boss.

Create a Home Office

The home office includes a desk, comfortable chair, room that you use as your workplace, and all the machines or devices for your remote work. Don’t use your home office for personal activities. If possible, create your office in a less distractive place to make it more comfortable.

One of the best things about working from home is creating a personalized work area that you cannot make at the office. You can create a cozy yet productive place that suits your working style.

Please turn on the study lights for a better working environment. Although natural light through the window can be lovely, it can cause glare on your computer screen. If your overhead lighting is not sufficient, put on table lights and flip on the light switch to provide your targeted task light.

Wherever you’re working from home, get a clutter-free space. This will help you keep the focus on your work and remain aligned with office experience. Whether your offices are located near your kitchen or in the living room, keep away stuff that reminds you of your house chores to avoid destructions.

Be Organized

Whether you’re working from home occasionally or full time, you need to plan your schedule well. Establish a clear plan for your day. Planning will keep you on track with the workload. It also means you send a message to your co-workers and your boss that you have a schedule like in the office.

Some people think working home means sitting home in pajamas and watching their TVs. That is not practical; you have to prepare yourself just like in an office setting. Get ready the way you would do when going to the office. Dress up appropriately and carry out any formal stuff you need to get your mind ready to work. When you are organized, you increase the chances of being more productive.

These tips should keep you productive as you work from home. However, it would be best to remember that working from home requires discipline, commitment, and sacrifice for it to be successful.