3 Ways to Use CBD Oil for a Healthier Lifestyle

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Cannabidiol, or CBD, is gaining in popularity as a tool to help manage stress, anxiety, and chronic pain. Our world is rife with uncertainty, so if you’re feeling anxious, it could just be that you’re paying attention. To get a grip on your mind, reduce any symptoms of chronic pain you may be having, and enjoy efficient, deep sleep, a CBD dosage may be a good option.

Pain Management

If you’re trying to up your workouts or are just trying to start an exercise routine, CBD use can help you fight the inflammation and pain associated with a new exercise plan. Whether you’ve got pain in your joints from increasing the impact of your workouts or just plain old muscle soreness, CBD before bed can help your body shed the inflammation that causes this pain as you sleep. You can also purchase CBD in topical forms, from serums to lotions to bath bombs, to use on aching joints, sore muscles, and inflamed skin.

CBD does have some risk of side effects. Some users find that they suffer from a sore mouth, esophageal irritation, or diarrhea after dosing with CBD. If you suffer from any of these reactions, consider trying a different dosing method than sublingual. For example, CBD gummies will take longer to work but may not cause irritation in your mouth or esophagus. This change in your dosing will omit the risk of a reaction to the carrier oil.

Quality Sleep

CBD can also greatly improve the efficiency of your sleep; that is, you can fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep longer. No matter what’s keeping you up at night, a sublingual dose of CBD under the tongue before bed can help to reduce your anxiety, disrupt the transmission of pain data from your body to your brain, help your brain and body wind down, and let you fall into deep sleep more quickly.

If you find that this dose helps you to fall asleep but that you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep, the addition of an edible to your nighttime dropper can extend the benefits of CBD. Sublingual CBD dosage will start to act within 30 minutes, but stop having an effect after a couple of hours.

When you first start taking CBD, start with the lowest dosage. Monitor how your body reacts, and, as noted above, switch if there’s a risk that you’re reacting poorly to the carrier oil. If you’re concerned about the risk of THC in your system, look for broad-spectrum CBD oil for sale. Broad-spectrum CBD products contain no THC whatsoever, as it’s all been chemically removed from the supplement.

Control Anxiety

Anxiety doesn’t have to mean suffering from panic attacks or developing agoraphobia. It can simply mean that you’re concerned about the world around you and your loved ones and you can’t shut that concern off, even when you know they’re safe. To successfully function in an anxious world, small doses of CBD during highly anxious times can be a good choice.

There are multiple methods of micro-dosing CBD. Some users prefer to vape the product from a vaping pen. Just a few puffs can manage muscle cramps or calm you down after an anxious encounter with a co-worker or family member. You can also keep edibles with you and cut a gummy in half or purchase edibles designed for children. These methods are especially helpful for those who find they get sleepy after a dose of CBD.

The speed at which the product hits your system is extremely important to consider. The fastest dose is the sublingual, dropped under the tongue. This rapid absorption can create an immediate impact, but it might make you too sleepy to continue to function. Obviously, for anxiety, this may not be helpful as you need to stay alert while remaining calm. Vaping is also very quick and a good way to microdose the product to create a sense of calm and focus without sleepiness. Edibles take longer to have an impact, as they need to be broken down by the digestive process before they can be absorbed. However, you can microdose with edibles to maintain calm in a difficult situation.                 

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