Infants love nothing more than a fun and exciting toy. However, did you know that toys can play a crucial role in their development? Right now, let us take a close and detailed look at five of the best toys for infants to help brain development.

Play Gyms

To start things off, play gyms are a ton of fun for your infant. These gyms are a series of small hoops, ropes, and ledges for them to crawl through. This is much better for brain development than simply crawling on the ground. Your infant will have to use a little bit of critical thinking to find the best path through the gym. 

While you might not see it, your infant is actively thinking about their environment. You can rest assured that all parts of the gym are safe for use and don’t pose a hazard to your baby. The living room is a terrific place to set up a play gym.


Next, rattles are awesome toys as well. Infants are just developing their sense of sound, and rattles can literally shake things up when it is playtime. You can buy an assortment of rattles that represent a variety of different sounds. Your infant will love listening to these rattles and shaking them around. 

While it might seem like a super simple toy, it is highly effective for brain development. The best part is that rattles are super portable and convenient. You can place a rattle in the bedroom, the stroller, and the car. Wherever you and your infant go, give them exposure to a rattle so they practice their motor skills.

Sensory Balls

By now, you might have noticed that a theme is to cover all of an infant’s senses. A sensory ball is excellent for developing their sense of touch. These balls are bouncy and covered with soft spikes. Not only are they great for tossing around, but they give a decent massage as well. 

Make sure to buy a handful of these balls so your infant can bounce them together in their crib. Sensory balls are surprisingly flexible and light enough for your infant to pinch and poke. They’ll be fascinated by how the ball rolls on the ground until it comes to a stop. It’s not a bad idea to throw both sensory balls and regular rubber balls into their crib so they can tell a difference.


While you use a mirror every morning to put on makeup, your infant can use a mirror to develop their sense of self-awareness. The first time your infant looks in a mirror is usually a huge surprise. It’s the first time they can see and be aware of themself. 

However, you don’t want a massive mirror like the one you put on your wall. Look for toy mirrors that open and close like a wallet. These mirrors are carefully crafted to not pose a choking hazard to your infant.

Music Boxes

Last but not least, music boxes are fantastic for introducing your infant to the world of sounds. These boxes will play a couple of basic tunes before shutting close. Before infants can take steps toward talking, they need to acquire fundamental listening skills. 

Hearing their parents talk on a daily basis is a good start. Music is another way to boost brain development and accelerate the path toward talking. If you regularly allow your infant to enjoy a music box, you could very well find that they show signs of early communication.

In conclusion, these are a couple of the best toys for infants to help brain development. These toys will capture their attention for hours while stimulating the brain. Once your newborn is ready for toys, purchase some of the above to put them on the right track.

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