Whether you are looking to sell your home now or in the future, it’s worth knowing how you can add value to your property. You don’t want to put your home on the market, only to find that it doesn’t receive the price that you want. Therefore, it’s good to take action now ahead of time.

However, you might not know exactly how you can do this. So to help guide you, here are some ideas that you can use to add value in both the interior and exterior of your home:


When people come to view your house, you want them to open the door and be in awe. However, if your home is in desperate need of TLC, then it’s likely that they won’t be tempted to put an offer in. So what changes can you make to the interior of your home:

Invest in a new bathroom

This might seem like an obvious change, but it’s surprising how many people don’t realize the value that a new bathroom can add. Now, this doesn’t have to be a complete renovation if you don’t have the budget – even the smallest changes to the bathroom can make a huge difference.

This could be anything from replacing tiles (subway tiles are particularly popular nowadays), to updating the faucets and adding a mirror which will create the illusion of space. 

To determine exactly what changes you can make to your bathroom, it’s a good idea to sit down and work out what your ideal budget is, before looking online for inspiration. For the latter, sites like Pinterest are always useful. 

Update the Kitchen 

Alongside the bathroom, the kitchen is another room of your home that will boost the value of your home once it’s updated. If it’s in desperate need of repair – whether it be a new oven, the paint is cracking on the walls or another bigger change, then it’s important to do this before you sell your home.

The moment that you’ve updated your kitchen, you’ll see a significant difference in your property value – making it increase thousands of dollars. Similarly to a bathroom, however, there are smaller changes you can make that will still add value – like painting the cabinets and replacing the sink.

Convert Your Garage 

Of course, a garage is a great selling point for many people. But some people like the idea of utilizing this space for other uses – such as a spare bedroom or as an extension of their living area. Therefore it’s an update that’s well worth considering. This isn’t one of the most affordable upgrades on this list – but it is one that can boost the value of your home in the long term. 

Add a New Heating System 

Whether you live in an older property or a new one, your central heating system might be in need of updating. Adding or updating a central heating system is one of the easiest ways of adding value. Plus, a newer system will automatically improve the overall energy efficiency of your home.

Alongside updating the radiators or boiler within your home, you could also improve the efficiency by sealing any drafts around the windows and doors or add insulation into the loft space. Alternatively, a more luxurious addition could be underfloor heating – a feature that potential house buyers will love, especially if it’s within the kitchen or bathroom. 

Decorate the Interior 

Have a look around your home. When was the last time it was painted or decorated? If you can’t remember, then it could be time to take action. After many years, painting and other decor will become outdated. Painting your home is quick and easy to do and will add value instantly.

As well as this, make sure that there are no cracks in the plasterwork, holes in the flooring, sticking doors/windows, etc. 

Install New Windows

Single glazing might be more affordable, but it’s simply not efficient. Plus, house buyers will look to see whether your home has single or double glazing when they come to view it. 

So to add value, consider installing new windows. Making your home cozier in the winter, as well as cooling the home in the summer, it’s a worthy investment that you won’t regret.


For your home to sell quickly, you want it to have the best curb appeal. So it’s essential that you also focus on the exterior appearance of the property ahead of time. You want people to acknowledge the time and care that you’ve put into your home – not to think that it’s been neglected over the years.

We’ve rounded up some ideas of how you can transform the exterior appearance of your home:

Add an Extension 

If you really want to wow, then adding an extension is just the ticket. Another fabulous way of adding value, by making this change your home will feel spacious and inviting. No matter where you place this extension, whether it’s onto your living room or kitchen, you’ll love the end result. 

Upgrade the Roof

The roof is one of the first things that you should pay attention to – and it’s one that potential house buyers are likely to enquire about. If your roof has missing tiles or shingles, holes or other issues, it will drastically affect the value of your home.

So it’s a good idea to hire a professional to come round to your home and inspect your roof. If it then needs any repairs, they can swiftly make these ahead of any viewings. You don’t want to leave this problem, only to find that you have to have the whole roof replaced. So get this sorted in advance, to save money and a stressful situation from happening. 

As part of this, you might also want to consider having your gutters cleared. Clogged gutters aren’t only unpleasing to the eye, but can cause damage to your home when left. 

Give the Front and Backyard Some TLC

As well as your home itself, it’s important to focus your attention on both the front and backyard. For the front yard, this could involve mowing the lawn, planting some attractive flowers and installing fencing around your property. 

For the backyard, this could not only involve this, but adding a patio or decking, outdoor kitchen, furniture and other features. You want your yard to look welcoming and like a great place to relax in. So set the scene and showcase to house viewers why your property is the one they should buy.

Paint Your Home 

Another significant way of enhancing the exterior of your home is by painting it. If it’s looking dull and uninspiring, house buyers will notice it. So to spruce it up and make it stand out, consider giving it a paint. Of course, when doing this it’s important that you don’t paint it a color that’s unattractive – so try and stick to a neutral colour, pairing the door and any other features with it.

Get New Windows Installed

Not only do brand new windows contribute significantly to the overall look and kerb appeal of your home, they can also make sure your property is better insulated. This is kinder to the planet and also reduces your household bills, so it’s a win-win situation and will definitely be appealing to any buyers. It shows that you care about your house and indicates that you’re more likely to have taken care of the rest of it. When considering new window installation, you can also opt to have UV coatings put onto the glass or go for triple glazing to even further reduce wasted energy. New windows also enhance the security of your property.

Invest in a New Door

Following on from the above, adding value to the exterior can simply be done by investing in a new door (if needed). A brand new door will make your home more efficient and attractive to buyers on the house hunt. No matter what style or pattern you opt for, it can be a unique selling point when done correctly.

For example, on the door you could place quirky hardware – such as an extraordinary knocker, prominent numbers and a letterbox. 

Fix any Structural Issues

Structural issues will undeniably impact the value of a property. Therefore fixing them should be a priority from the get-go. Although they are some of the most expensive repairs you will make, without doing this, your house likely won’t be in the running against other houses on the market. 

These are some of the most typical issues you could experience within your home that you must have fixed:

  • Rising damp
  • Structural cracks within the walls (hairline cracks often aren’t as damaging)
  • Bowing walls 
  • Insect infestation 
  • A chimney stack that’s sloping or misaligned
  • Rotten timbers or joists 

Look at the Drainage System

To prevent water from accumulating, it’s vital that you have a good draining system installed. When it’s not working as it should, it starts to develop mold and a bad smell – something that people will notice. So what can you do about it? Well, you could instal Swiftdrain trench drains to divert any excess rainfall. 

This will help to prevent any flooding within your home and create a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. 

In Conclusion 

Those are just some of the top tips that you can use to help add value to your home so that it’s ready to sell. What you decide to do to your home, of course, is up to you. But once you start to take action and update the interior and exterior, the higher the selling price you’ll achieve.