The ongoing pandemic has led to the shutdown of most learning institutions. Children still need to learn even with the schools closed. Some institutions have opted for online classes, and children are given assignments at the end of the lesson.

What resources will you use to help your child tackle the assignment? Below are five resources that your child should have when handling school work.


Schoolwork can be overwhelming at times, especially if you have more than one assignment and project. To most students, studying has never been fun. However, Quiglet can make your kid’s study fun and entertaining. The app that is available on Android and IOS allows your kids to create their study materials and share them with others.

You can also add any information you have gathered from different learning programs in your area. For example, if you live in Texas you can get extra help from a reading tutor program in Frisco, TX. Your child’s classmates or learning partners can also create study materials and share them with them. Not only does this promote unity and content sharing, but it also makes learning more enjoyable. Your child can, therefore, tackle school work in a more fun way.


Being a student comes with many responsibilities. Sometimes the teacher gives your child a group work and projects to handle as a team. Each person might be assigned a particular role or task to carry out in the group. If your child research on different learning programs, he might end up having a lot of information.

When done with the research, your id will have to send the information to the rest of the group members. WeTransfer makes it easier for your children to send big files, audios, and videos. They can send large files of up to 2GB to group members. All that is needed is uploading the file and the email of the recipient.

LinkedIn Learning

If you do not have a LinkedIn account, this might be the best time to create one. In LinkedIn, you get the opportunity to connect with other students of the same class as your kid and professionals who might help in a concept your child learned at school. Also, LinkedIn gives you the chance to sign up for short courses that can supplement children’s school study.

Microsoft Teams

When at school or university, your child might not want to video call classmates as often they would when at home. But, they may want to carry out a group discussion or want someone to explain a concept to them through video practically. Microsoft Team is a resource that would help them whenever they are in such a crisis.

You can help them use the resource if they want to interact face-to-face, check-in with group members, or have a class meeting. Also, it allows them to record the discussion or interaction and listen to it later if they need clarification. This means your child can access information discussed a long time ago when preparing for an online quiz or assignment.


Often, as a student, your child might find it hard to organize and categorize his or her notes while at home. They can be searching for notes they took down on a specific lesson, and you cannot find them. Evernotes come in here and help your children with such problems.

The cross-platform app serves many purposes, among them storing information. It functions as a digital file cabinet, ensuring the students can access information quickly and promptly. With the app, children can complete assignments and revision faster.

Studying from home comes with many challenges. One of the main challenges is the lack of enough resources. The resources listed above will help your children with schoolwork and make their learning more entertaining and enjoyable.