Many people decide to buy a condo and embrace a new lifestyle that differs from renting or owning a home. Condo living offers a blend of home ownership and rental convenience that is often desirable at certain times of life or following a change in circumstances. You might be ready to buy a condo if the following statements apply to your mindset.

You are ready to give up yard work.

Condos are often found in clusters within a community of properties that share many services in common. One of the popular is lawn care, including mowing, weeding, trimming, watering, and landscape maintenance. If you are tired of hours of weekly lawn management, check out available condos that offer this service when you browse properties for sale. You can enjoy beautiful grounds surrounding your condo without doing any of the work.

You prefer community-style living.

Also there are stand-alone condos for sale, as mentioned above you can often find condo communities managed under a business ownership, or basically a homeowners’ association, that oversees the outdoor aspects of property care. Each community is different, and you should read the member’s manual carefully to understand what you will be responsible for in terms of repair and replacement versus what the association will take care of. Monthly membership fees cover the cost of these services and are usually lower than a typical rental property. If you like having neighbors nearby and letting the association manage much of the external upkeep, you are probably ready for a condo.

You appreciate condo amenities.

Shared facilities often include a communal swimming pool, party room, tennis courts, and other amenities that the typical homeowner might not be able to otherwise afford when buying a mid-level home. Each condo community has its own amenities that may not meet your expectations or needs, so find out what will be available with the property if you buy one of the condos.

You are grateful for the on-call handyman.

Some homeowners don’t mind fixing things or replacing broken fixtures with new ones. But if you are not skilled in such services or lack the time to do them, you will probably appreciate the opportunity to call the association’s handy man or handy woman to help with a needed repair.

Some rentals provide these or related services, so compare housing options before deciding whether to rent or buy. Some feel that a condo offers the best of both worlds, but you can decide for yourself.