A family gathering for a meal. Adults and children around a table.

A family reunion is a significant event. When you put in the time and plan it well, each member of the family will be sure to have a good time. A family reunion will bring people of different ages together, the young and the old, so as you plan, ensure you have something for everyone. Here are five great entertainment ideas that will enable you to have a memorable family reunion.


Almost anyone can dance, and you don’t need a large dance floor or dance hall for this. All you need is a good music system and some good music. Create a playlist that takes care of all the attendees. The old family members have some tunes that will make them jump to the floor, so even if you don’t like those songs, include them on your list. Likewise, remember the kids and the teens in the family. However, your music selection should not make any member of the family feel uncomfortable. If possible, have a specific time that everyone is expected to be on the floor.

Photo Sessions

Most of the members of your family will have their smartphones ready to take random photos. However, it may be more fun if you have some photo sessions where all the family members can be captured. For this session, you can invite a family friend or a professional photographer to take the photos. If not, you can have a camera mounted on a tripod so that everyone can appear in the photo. Let everyone be free to be as funny as possible in the photos; they have some funny hand-held signs, wigs, masks, or hats. Apart from entertaining, the captured photos will help the family remember the reunion for many years.

Family Movies

If you’ve had several family reunions captured on video, you need to set aside time for the whole family to watch these videos. Such a session will be full of laughter. You can imagine how the young members of the family will be excited to see how their dads and moms looked 20 or 30 years ago. That’s why every time you have a family reunion, you must capture them in videos and keep copies in the family archive. This session can get emotional if some family members in the videos have passed on, but it will b good for their memory.

Game Rentals

There are many companies that offer a wide variety of interactive games, arcade machines, sports games, etc. Try to get a family vote on what everyone would be the most interested in and then see what the availability is like in your area. When everyone is having fun together doing activities that they enjoy, it will create lasting memories for everyone. Entertainment rentals can be a great way for the family to bond. If budget is an issue, have everyone pitch in for just a few games that the most people will enjoy using.

Board Games

You can keep the music playing in the background as everyone gets busy with board games. The most significant advantage of board games is that people of all ages can play them. Ensure you have a good number of board games, especially those that need 5 players or more. Some great board games include Snakes and Ladders, Monopoly, Chutes and Ladders, Clue, Pictionary, and Scrabble. Some of these games are simple, and they don’t need any special skills. You can divide your family members into teams and let pass time playing board games. Create game stations with different games so the members can move from one station to another different playing games to avoid boredom.

Final Words

A family reunion may only come once after several years, depending on the family size, and how each member is committed. Try to set a date that all members are free and can attend. Make the day as entertaining and memorable as possible for all members. It is advisable to plan early enough as there will be many people to accommodate and many mouths to feed.