Are you wanting your business to join the green movement? Across the globe, companies like yours are committing to sustainability in record numbers. It’s rather quite easy for you to make sure this happens at your company.

Pay attention to these five tips. Here are tried and true approaches you can turn to when creating a green business plan. Without having to spend much money, you can make immediate and long-term changes that ensure sustainability is at the core of your company’s operations.

1. Schedule an Energy Audit

You might think you’re completely aware of your company’s footprint on the environment. However, you should know there is always more than what meets the eye. To rule out missing any changes that you need to make at your business, you should schedule an energy audit of your company. You unlock both immediate and long-term changes you can make to ensure your business is utilizing effective strategies for going green. You also can end up saving a good bit of money.

There are DIY audits that you can handle on your own. If you go this route, make sure you only utilize the online advice of experts with documented credentials and a proven track record of success. To play it safe, though, you should invest in hiring a consultant to examine your operations. Only work with those who are a certified BPI building analyst.

2. Regularly Service Your Equipment

Don’t forget to regularly know for certain that all of your company’s various pieces of equipment are running efficiently. Failure to schedule regular cleanings and maintenance will cause your equipment to use more energy than what is required. In addition to harming the environment, you also can hurt your bank account with higher than necessary energy bills.

Whether you need a kiln coating scheduled or some other necessary service, don’t undervalue how important this upkeep is for your company. As much as you don’t like to spend money, there are just some instances where you can’t afford not to invest. The regular servicing of your equipment is one of those absolute musts.

3. Limit Your Paper Usage

It’s never been easier for you and your staff to reduce your paper usage. You have access to so many online platforms, many of which are free, that can be used in place of turning to paper for various company needs. In addition to limiting your impact on the environment and saving money, you also can reduce workplace clutter. Your workflow can improve, along with your productivity and profits.

Reuse paper when and where you can. Only use new paper when you are sending out external documents. For your internal print jobs, always try to first print on sides of paper yet to be used.

4. Invest in Energy-Efficient Products

Your company benefits in so many ways. You will see lower energy bills right off the bat. Plus, many of your energy-efficient upgrades can be deducted on your business’s taxes.

Even the smallest investment on your end will pay off for your company. Consider modern HVAC room thermometers, for example. They don’t cost you that much money, but the savings you can notice on your utility bills are pretty big.

5. Engage in Green Community Initiatives

Finally, know that having a green business plans means you are constantly branding your company as a green business. Take time now to calendar-in community events focused on sustainability where your company has a visible level of participation. You could even try to get some press coverage about your involvement.

Popular ideas for you to consider are organized efforts to clean up beaches, parks, and rivers. Your company could sponsor events and also provide volunteers. Get t-shirts made, too, so the community more easily identifies your business participating.

Five Easy Steps Your Business Can Take

As you can see, you have five effective ideas presented above that can help your company commit to going green. Plus, you likely notice that it shouldn’t be that difficult. What’s holding you back?

Begin today solidifying the steps you will take to create a green business plan for your company. You not only understand how important this is but you also now know that the process is rather easy. Best wishes with your efforts.


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