Video advertising isn’t a new idea, but it’s certainly one that is heavily underutilized. This is likely due to the costs associated with video advertising in the past. It’s not cheap to hire someone to create graphics and animations for your brand, and you’re going to need actors, camera equipment and an editor to make something truly unique. However, things have changed and there are now plenty of key advantages of video advertising that you could be missing out on.

Videos are consumed more than other forms of media

Be it YouTube videos or short-form videos on social media, consumers consume far more video than any other form of media. This is because videos don’t require reading, then can be watched on the go, and they’re usually more entertaining than reading an article or listening to a podcast. Billions of videos are watched on YouTube every day and most shoppers use video ads to see what a product is like and what it can be used for.

Videos convey more than images and text

A short video has the power to convey a lot more information than images and text alone. By incorporating visual and audio elements, you can appeal to multiple senses and entice your viewer in different ways. You could also engage your audience by creating stories, or you can educate them with useful information. Regardless of what your idea for a video advertisement is, it’s far more efficient at conveying information than images and text.

Video is more accessible than before

These days, easy access to video animation software, stock footage and cheaper services can help us create video advertisements much more easily. Not only is it more accessible, but we can also get a full video advertisement finished for a cheaper price and with less turnaround time. You’ll also find many talented artists and designers that work on a freelance basis to create beautiful video advertisements for their clients.

Videos are extremely versatile

Since videos can convey a lot more in a shorter amount of time, they can be extremely versatile in their role for your business. For instance, video advertisements can be educational and teach your viewer something valuable about your business and products. Alternatively, it can be a short entertaining video or even a storytelling video that makes your products and services more relatable for the viewer. Video advertising can be incredibly flexible and surprisingly good at fitting multiple purposes.

Videos help with your exposure

Video advertisements can be especially useful if you’re a small business. This is thanks to the possibility that your videos could go viral on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, where short-form content is very easy to spread around. If you have an informative or entertaining video, then it increases your chances of being noticed. You’ll need to create a video that is short, concise and entertaining, but this can be easier than you might think. With a skilled editor that understands social media, they can help you create videos that have a high chance of going viral and being shared on popular platforms.

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