First look wedding or first glance is where a couple sees each other for the first time before the day of their wedding. The bride and groom share their special moments in a more private set up away from the glance of friends and some family members. First look wedding is different from the traditional wedding where couples meet for the first time during the wedding ceremony.

A first look wedding video is becoming more popular where couples prefer to be documented together before their wedding day.

The reason why the first look wedding video is becoming popular is that:

There are fewer worries

We all know nobody knows what tomorrow brings, you may have planned to shoot your wedding photos and video on your ceremonial day. However, you are filled with a lot of worries trying to imagine whether the day will be perfect. 

Some things are out your control like bad weather, if people will be running late on your wedding day, a traffic jam that may delay your wedding program, etc. having a first look wedding video takes all these worries away because you know that you have already captured your best pictures and video before officially walking down the aisle with your partner. You’ll also have enough time to prepare for the bride/groom, family, and bridal party portraits.

More time with your partner

During the first look wedding, you have more time to enjoy the company of each other. This is the moment that you have been dreaming all along. Most likely during a traditional wedding, the time you spend with your lover will be way much less because time with each other is programmed. Even after you both say “Yes I Do”, you’ll have to engage with both friend s and family and maybe the only personal time will be during your honeymoon.

At first glance, you’ll both have enough time to enjoy with each other. You will also be able to pour all your emotions without feeling shy unlike the way could have be during the main ceremony. Also, this is the time where couples show their real emotions thus doing away with the speculation of how your partner will act during the “yes I do” time.

Calming down the nerves

You might be among the people who don’t like to be at the center of attraction or you get nervous around the crowd. Well during the first look wedding you will only be close to the people you care about and therefore there will be no reason to feel anxious. During the main ceremony, there is a possibility to feel intense stress for seeing your partner for the first time, this moment can be overwhelming making you behave in a manner you never expected.

However, the first look wedding will be like rehearsing for the actual wedding. This means that you will have more time to gather courage and confidence for the actual day of the wedding. You will also have the opportunity to prepare for the main wedding ceremony.

More time for photo and video shoots

Every couple would want to have memories of their special moment, this includes taking the best photos and videos. However, during traditional weddings, there is little time that is set on the wedding program for photos and videos which may not be enough to capture your best moments. This should not be the case because besides memories in your mind what that is left to remind you of your special day is pictures and videos.

During the first look, the couple has enough time to take all the photos and videos they wish when together, with the bridal party, and with family without any pressure. Also, they will have time to prepare for the portraits of their wedding photos. Hiring a photographer in your vicinity can save much hustle of accessing your photos and videos. For example, if you live in Dallas you can hire a Dallas wedding photographer to document your first glance wedding.

In conclusion, a wedding is a dream for most couples because it’s a moment to be cherished. It is also a crucial moment because a couple has to tie knots and promise to stick together for better or for worse. Therefore, you have to take all the time in the world to prepare for this day because it is a lifetime decision.