A white sports car driving on a sunlit road.

No matter if you’re a new driver at sixteen or you’ve recently retired, buying a new car is an exciting event. There’s nothing like the fresh scent of a new vehicle and the feel of genuine leather upholstery. Perhaps it was the sleek form and gleaming chrome that caught your eye. You couldn’t wait to rev up the motor for your first ride.

Whether you’ve purchased a new car or saved some cash and bought a certified pre-owned one, you may want to personalize it. If your vehicle didn’t come with all the upgrades you wanted, most are easy to add. Many of them are affordable for any budget. Here are five cool upgrades for your new ride to consider.

Auto Start

Don’t you hate it when you get into a freezing cold car on an icy winter morning? When you add an auto-start system, all you need to do is press a button on your key fob from inside your toasty house. The car will be defrosted and warm when you’re ready to leave. It’s also a handy feature for cooling your vehicle during the summer.

New Headlights

Let people know you’ve arrived and decked out your vehicle with some classy headlights. They come in a variety of flashy styles and colors. While you’re at it, you might consider installing a flashing outline for your rear license plate. Some of these lighting features come in complete kits and can be wired to your stereo system to change colors with the beat of the music.

Turbo Kit

Do you want to kick up the horsepower to your new ride? Buy a turbo kit, and your car will have more RPMs and greater power behind it. They can be installed in just about any vehicle if there is adequate space in the engine.

Rocking Rims

Even when you buy a new vehicle off the lot, you’re getting basic rims and hubcaps. Do you want to make a statement on the highway? Consider installing eye-catching chrome designs that make your tires pop. You might also love the cool hubcaps with centers that revolve with movement from the wheels.

Funky Wraps

For the ultimate self-expression on a vehicle, you can have your ride wrapped in vinyl. Customize it with funky colors or designs that advertise your business or just for fun. The good news is that when you’re tired of it, a vinyl wrap comes right off without damage to your car’s finish.

Have some fun with your new car by putting your personalized stamp on it. Not only can it show your hip side, but many upgrades provide benefits. Press the pedal to the medal and enjoy your ride.

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