With just a little TLC and maintenance, new vehicles should be able to travel all the way up to 200,000 miles. This is due to a combination of great innovation over the years, and of course the beauty of checking in on your vehicle every once in a while and maintaining it with the following tips: 

Everyday Maintenance Tips 

Regular maintenance tips, regardless of whether your vehicle is new or years old, include: 

Check Engine Oil 

Check your engine oil regularly and learn how to safely change the oil yourself. If there is a warranty restriction that prohibits you from doing this on your own, then take it into the shop. 

Wash Your Car Regularly 

Ideally, you should have your car washed every other week. This is particularly important during the winters when road salt becomes a very big issue and can wear down the undercarriage of your vehicle. Another good idea is to get into the habit of waxing your vehicle whenever water droplets become bigger than a quarter.  

Check Car Tire Pressure 

New vehicle models often have a feature that will tell you, without getting out of your car, what your air pressure is at and when you should worry. 

Take it Into the Shop Every Two to Three Years 

Though you can easily top up the engine oil, a lot of the other regular maintenance requirements are just simply a hassle. Take it into a shop to get these fixed and fine-tuned. If your vehicle is in warranty, this will probably be from the dealership. If not, find a great mechanic. 

Within Warranty 

If you still have a warranty on your vehicle, it is a good idea to look through what can cancel it out. Using a different garage, or 3rd party replacement parts could invalidate your warranty. Knowing what your warranty covers and what it doesn’t can help you get the most out of your extended service and save while protecting your vehicle. 

After Warranty 

If your warranty has expired, then there is no longer a reason to only use sanctioned parts or dealers. Without the warranty, those services will be one of the more expensive options, and you don’t want to hassle yourself with that. Instead, you will need to: 

Know Where to Buy Spare Parts 

Checking online for spare parts is the best way to get exactly what you need, and with Advance Auto Parts coupons, you can save even further. Price check different providers, get advice from your mechanic and even ask online if you need more advice on saving on costly auto parts. 

Find a Great Independent Garage 

Ask around, check online reviews, and go and actually meet with the different mechanics near you before deciding on which garage you will want to use in the future. Mechanics are like long-term relationships. You want to know that you aren’t getting ripped off and that you can trust their work. The extra bit of research is worth it. 

Other than that, all the same tips for maintenance apply. Check your vehicle regularly, keep it clean, and have it checked over and tuned up by a professional every two to three years. 

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