Reminding ourselves of our history is essential in order for us to continue to grow as a human race. We should continue to look back on our history, recognize mistakes that have been made but also to celebrate those who made incredible changes. When it comes to our own healthcare, nurses play an integral role in the success of this industry. They are there to help us in our time of need, and many end up going beyond the call of duty to simply help those who need it. There have been many influential individuals when it comes to the history of nursing, and it’s important that they’re not forgotten to future generations.

Learning and educating ourselves on the history of nursing is important because there are so many pioneering events that happened. The ‘Lady Of The Lamp’ or otherwise known as Florence Nightingale who helped soldiers from the brink of death and showed the true value of trained nurses. And what about Mary Ann Bickerdyke who put her life on the line by serving in the American Civil War, helping to care for 2,000 troops – single-handily might we add.

Marymount University Online has put together an infographic that celebrates the history and incredible individuals who played a major part in the modern-day nursing we see today. With over 170 years to cover, it’s a quick way of understanding those who should always be remembered in our history books for the incredible changes they made. It’s something worth reading to see just how far we’ve come.

Infographic Design By Marymount University Online

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