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Even in the best of times, it can be a major challenge to bring a new baby home from the hospital. The ongoing global pandemic has made it more challenging, necessitating that new mothers lean on their friends and family for support. Here are eight ways that you can support a new mother during the COVID-19 health crisis.

Words of Encouragement

It is normal to feel anxious after the birth of a baby. You can help to support your friend or family member by providing words of encouragement during this transitional period. Sending greeting cards, writing notes, or simply sending texts to show them that you care will go a long way in helping the new mom to feel loved and supported during this emotional time. Ask them if there is anything that you can do that would be especially helpful to them.

Provide Meals

Homemade meals are always a welcome gift for moms trying to care for a new baby and their family. It is a good idea to make meals that can be frozen for use later so it is easier on the new mother. Moms also always appreciate healthy snacks that are ready for immediate consumption. This is especially important if they have other children in the home to care for. Other good ideas include baked bread and muffins for quick breakfasts.

Shower Them With Gift Cards

If you want the family to be able to eat at their convenience and suited to their personal tastes, you may consider providing them with a gift card to one of their favorite restaurants. Be sure to check to see if the restaurant offers takeout or delivery options so that they do not have to take the baby out during this challenging time.

Pitch in With the Yard

It can be especially challenging to take care of your home when you have a new bundle of joy. While it may not be safe to hire a house cleaner, you can take the load off of the new parents by taking care of yard maintenance for them. You can help the family by offering to help with yard work or by hiring somebody to do it for them. Or consider dropping off a pot of flowers or other decoration to brighten up their outdoor space.

Help Them Document This Moment

Despite the anxiety of this unique time, it is still important to document this special season of life. You can help your favorite new mom to celebrate the birth of their baby by providing them with recommendations for a newborn photography session. A newborn photo package also makes a great group gift if you have friends that want to pitch in for an extra special present. She will cherish these precious shots of the early days of her baby’s life forever. Although studios might currently be closed, many have plans of opening up in the next couple months. A photographer who specializes in newborn photography in Houston, Texas states that you should still “Zoom your friends and family, record videos, and share photos” so that your family can still see the baby before a session. Professional photos of the newborn is an excellent way to preserve that time for the mother.

Support the Siblings

Bringing home a new baby is particularly challenging if there are other siblings at home. You can support the mom by also supporting the older siblings. Perhaps you want to send over a few activities for the siblings to keep them busy? Or maybe you want to offer up your babysitting services so that the mom can have a guilt-free break from the kids?

Leverage Technology

In today’s increasingly connected world, it is easy to stay in touch through the use of technology. You can support the new mom by setting up a Zoom meeting with your group of friends. She will feel loved and cherished if her friends make time to spend an evening with her, even if it has to be conducted virtually.

Deliver Self-Care Essentials

Dealing with a global pandemic is difficult for everyone. Throw in a new baby to the mix and it is no wonder that many mothers are feeling overwhelmed. It is more important than ever for new moms to practice self-care. You can help by delivering self-care essentials to encourage them to take time for themselves. Good ideas include a manicure or pedicure box, scented candles, their favorite snacks, a stack of magazines, or lotion.

Now more than ever, new mothers need to feel heard and loved. You can do your part for your loved ones by providing this support and encouragement as they navigate this unprecedented time with a new baby in tow.

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