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Therapy is an intriguing subject, and when you add two individuals in the room, things can get interesting. Does couples therapy work? Can it save relationships?

A while ago, you were doing great. You had “it all figured out” relationship-wise, but now things are going south. You don’t find joy in each other’s company anymore. Are you willing to give up on the love of your life? If not, you can redeem your lost love. If you can’t save the relationship alone, it’s time you consider couple’s therapy. Here’s why:

1. Fix the silence

If your long night talks have turned into one-word answers, you need to fix the silence. Communication is crucial in developing a healthy friendship. The therapist will help you to open up your communication lines. You will realize that your partner had a lot to say when you finally break the silence.

2. Know when to fight

During your couples counseling sessions, you will learn things that are worth fighting about and those that aren’t. The therapist will guide you on how to prevent fights from escalating. In the first phase, the expert will guide you on the immediate changes you need to make. In the second phase, you will be taught essential skills to sustain the relationship.

3. Handle negative talks

When communication deteriorates, going back in the right direction isn’t a walk in the park. Negative interaction includes anything that makes one partner depressed, disregarded, insecure, or unable to continue the conversation. Sometimes the message is positive, but the tone is negative, which makes it difficult. Therapy will help you to understand the impact of negative communication. It uncovers hurt feelings, nonverbal communication, and emotional abuse.

4. Unearth issues you didn’t know existed

You think that things aren’t working because you are rarely in the mood for making love. During the therapy, he reveals that he gives you the cold shoulder because you don’t appreciate his efforts. Sometimes you can’t tell the problems from the inside. Allow an expert into the issues so that you can uncover underlying issues. That way, you will save your relationship.

5. Realize that none of you is perfect

Everything would be fine if she would stop spending too much money, right? Struggling couples usually think that their partner is at fault. They imagine that they are perfect. Couples therapy makes you realize that both of you have a role to play. Nobody is perfect, and you should recognize and work on your faults before trying to change your partner’s.

6. Deal with the consequences of an affair

If one or both partners have had an affair, it can be problematic for the relationship. Recovering from an instant of cheating is challenging but solvable. Both partners should be willing to bury the hatchet and move forward. Although there isn’t a magic formula for recovering from an affair, if you are committed to the forgiveness process, you will salvage the relationship. Even if you can’t be together anymore, you need to find healthy ways of moving on.

7. Get a referee for your fights

Are you in a space where you don’t say anything without fighting? You might fight during the couple’s therapy, but this time it will be different – a third party will be listening. The therapist will encourage you to express your thoughts. That way, they will prevent things from getting out of control. Both of you will have a suitable environment to get issues off your chest. Once you have spoken your mind, your partner will understand your feelings.

It can be hard to determine who to go see and who will be able to help you the most. It is smart to do some research before with a quick google search for “couples counseling bay area” or “couples therapy in San Fransisco”. 

8. Determine if you are ready for a future

For some individuals, the issue is that both of you aren’t ready for forever yet. You should probably stop planning a wedding and take a breather. Maybe you aren’t prepared to have babies now. Have you considered living separately? It might be what you need to stay together. When you ask the right question, a therapist will help you to discover what you need now.

Couples therapy might not solve everything, but it will help solve many issues. You wouldn’t want to stay in a toxic relationship or in doubt for the rest of your life. Try talking to a therapist together. You might salvage your union.