Children experience a variety of challenges that are unavoidable when it comes to divorce. However, it is very possible to make the best of the situation and create a loving and supportive environment for the whole family.


Keep drama away from the kids


This can be hard. The process of divorce almost always includes drama and hurt feelings. While it may seem that kids should be aware of what is happening and how their parents are dealing with divorce, this is rarely the case. Kids do not need to know the details of each parent’s actions. In fact, involving the kids and trying to get them to side with one parent can lead to hurt feelings. Remember that kids love both parents and are not choosing a side. Trying to make the other parent look bad will only hurt your own relationship with the kids.


Choose custody agreements wisely


Research custody plans. There are many types of custody schedules, and some work better for some families than for others. During the initial period of separation, it may be best to try some different custody schedules and see what works best for the family. It may be helpful to seek advice from other divorced parents and divorce attorneys. As always, focus on the kids’ needs during this time and make custody decisions based on what is best for the kids.


Co-parent for consistency


After divorce, kids are living in two separate homes, so there needs to be consistency with rules and schedules. Kids do best when they know what to expect, but some parents find it difficult to offer consistency when each parent has different styles of parenting. At the very least, try to agree on the basics. This may include nap schedules for very young children or expectations for teenagers when hanging out with friends.


Communicate and compromise


Unhealthy marriages may be caused by lack of communication and inability to compromise, and divorce only makes it more challenging. To create a healthy environment for the kids, the adults must absolutely do their best to communicate with each other and the kids. Parents must work together to understand how the kids are handling the divorce and then determine what is best for them.


Even though divorce can be very stressful and upsetting for kids, there are many resources to help make it as easy as possible for kids. Consult psychological and medical resources, such as Mayo Clinic, to learn how to talk to kids about divorce and manage this difficult time.

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