It is essential for you to always do things with your children that will keep them healthy mentally and physically. During these trying times, children need more suggestions and options for fun activities and rewarding ventures. Family activities, especially outdoors, will help keep your kids happy and distracted from being able to spend time with friends during this time. The following are examples of fun activities that you can do with your children this summer!

1. Yoga

Many people view yoga as an activity meant for older teens or adults but there are many businesses that have classes for children as well. If your child tends to have lots of energy regularly, try a free class and see how they like it or if it helps them to relax. You can also make it a family activity and do a yoga session with your whole family. Yoga and meditation is a fun and relaxing activity that many people regularly enjoy. Try introducing your kids at a younger age in order to help them with coordination, relaxation, and focus.

2. Outdoor Sports

There are many outdoor sports you can introduce your kids to such as soccer, football,  baseball, or tennis. Football tossing is an easy activity you can try out with your kids in order to find out what type of sports they might be interested in. Take turns throwing the ball to your children and having them throw it back to you. You can start a full-blown football game if you really want to get physical and depending on the ages of your kids. If they lack interest in tossing the ball with you, move on to a soccer ball to mix things up. These activities will help everyone to get much-needed exercise, find out what they like and will improve their coordination.

3. Bowling

Bowling is one of those old activities that people of all ages can enjoy. Kids usually love it because they get to throw something without getting in trouble for it. Bowling is an activity that can strengthen your arms as well as give your heart a good workout. It can give you a chance to bond with your children and have some family playtime, as well. Some of them expand their services to add activities such as video games and movies. The best thing about bowling with your kids is that it’s inexpensive. Games are under $10 each, and the majority of bowling alleys offer discounts on certain days, as well. 

4. Rollerblading

If your children are a little more athletic, they may enjoy rollerblading. No feeling is quite as good as the feeling of freedom that skates and blades provide. Once your children get the hang of moving their feet the right way, they will most certainly enjoy the activity. Rollerblading is something that you can do at a rink, or you can do it in your neighborhood or skate park. The benefit of going to the rink is that the floor is the perfect texture for rolling so the risk of your kids getting hurt is heavily reduced. The benefit of going in your neighborhood is that it’s free. You’ll still have to invest in the skates, however. Be sure to invest in safety equipment such as a helmet and pads for your kids as well!

5. Outdoor Riding

It can be fun to introduce your kids to dirt biking, four wheelers, electric bikes, motorcycles, or rzr riding. These activities will get you and your kids outdoors and enjoying some good quality time together. If your kids love bicycles, consider taking it up a notch by trying out the best fat tire electric bike in order to get them out trying some new terrain. Some electric bikes can go up to 20 miles per hour and allow your kids more options in destinations. They can use these bikes to take short trips to the store or cruise around the neighborhood and explore. Looking into options that give your kids more experience and allow them more time in nature will nurture your children’s development.

6. Painting

Painting could be an enjoyable activity for your kids that also allows them to strengthen their creativity. You can buy some cheap paints from the local store and have them create art on small canvases right out on the porch in order to limit a mess. You could also have them help do a real paint job if you intend to repaint one of the rooms in your home. You might be surprised to find that your children have artistic capabilities that you have never noticed before. These activities will get them in tune with their creativity, and it might just create a desire in them to express themselves regularly through art.

Kickstart the Family Fun

Now that you have some ideas of activities to try out with your kids, it is time to see how they play out. We suggest trying the least expensive activity first and gauging their ability based on their age. Having fun allows children to enjoy being children, and it will give you the chance to feel young again as well as creating lasting memories.