Although you adore the memories evoked when you dwell on a treasured family keepsake piece of jewelry, you can’t see yourself being able to wear it anywhere. Perhaps it looks too old-fashioned or has a missing part or two or needs some other repairs. So you put it back into your jewelry box.

You should be aware that a long-time reputable jeweler may be just the right person to come to your aid. He or she might be the one with the talents to restore what could become a piece that will fit into your own personal tastes and will become jewelry that you will be happy and proud to wear.

Restoring Heirlooms

An excellent and certified craftsman who specializes in jewelry repair will use his or her years of experience and knowledge to match, repair, and/or restore the various needed gemstones, links, and other elements of the original piece even if it has been passed down through family generations and is well-worn. The jeweler knows how it has to be carefully and meticulously handled, and the good parts have to remain undamaged. It is challenging but exciting to see the delicate jewelry renewed to its original luster or to be updated in some ways by the customer’s requests and desires.

Diamond Settings

Be sure to have your fine jewelry looked over to make sure that any diamonds or other gemstones are securely seated, have not been lost over the years, and are not damaged. The jeweler would be able to repair or replace, with the necessary matching stones or parts, the ones in the ring, necklace, bracelet, broach, chain, or other pieces.

Chain Repair

Often the chain has become twisted or tangled or worn, so you want to employ an expert who has experience with all styles including link, cable, rope, herringbone, or any other chain that needs repair or replacement. If the ornaments on the chain are more valuable, you can have the chain replaced. However, if the chain is made of precious materials and/or has a unique and intricate weaving, you’ll want to have it repaired if possible.

Restringing and Re-knotting of Pearls

Pearl jewelry is timeless and is meant to last, but over the years the pearls might need to be restrung and re-knotted to restore them to their beauty and wear-ability for additional generations to come. Let the experts handle this in a way that will restore the piece but allow it to look as if it is still the original.

Look through your jewelry box and realize that beloved treasures can be brought back to life with the greatest of care. That would allow you to share your cherished and beautiful memories by wearing them to current special events and celebrations for others to behold and for you to feel the presence of your ancestors.