shopping cart on laptop, online shopping concept

Online shopping around the world has continually grown in popularity, and with this new way of shopping, comes a few hassles. The following are five life hacks to make your online shopping experience a little bit better.

1. Get a Lock Box

You should consider getting a lock box for your mail as it ensures your packages safety. These are relatively inexpensive, but they are incredibly important nowadays. A surprising amount of people report package theft, and that problem won’t go away anytime soon. Your items shouldn’t be stolen just because you weren’t home when a package was dropped off or because it took you a few minutes to go outside. A lock box protects your belongings and gives you peace of mind, which is priceless. There are a few options out there, so choose the lock box that fits your needs. Try to keep in mind the size of the boxes you normally order as well.

2. Smart Camera and Lock

If you know that you are going to be getting large packages, then it may be a good idea to install a smart doorbell and door system. This camera gives you live access at all times whenever someone is at your door. The delivery person can actually open the door and place your belongings inside. You can lock the door remotely after the delivery person has delivered your items. You get to do all of this through your smartphone or other wi-fi connected device. Keep in mind that something like this could help you open the door for your kids or partner if they ever forget the key with just the push of a button.

3. Secure a US Address

It can be frustrating for online shoppers who do not have a US shipping address. They are unable to order items from American companies such as Target or eBay without paying high shipping fees. It may not be known to many people, but you can get a US shipping address for Canada among other locations around the world. These online options offer secured shipping addresses to complete all of your shopping without a care in the world. The packages arrive in one of the company’s many locations throughout the United States where they are stored until you are able to pick them up. Not only can you buy items from US stores, you also get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your stuff won’t be sitting out where someone can steal your belongings.

4. Be Sure to Clear Cookies

Rumor has it that some companies are able to use your online data to price items you are searching for at higher prices. The chances of this happening with every company you frequent is low, but that doesn’t mean the possibility doesn’t exist. You don’t want to pay more because a company learns you want a specific item. What you can do is beat them at their own game by clearing cookies in your browser’s privacy settings. Do this before you do your shopping so that you get the best price you can get. This is something you can do on top of comparison pricing and using coupons.

5. Let it Sit

In order to save additional money, you can trick your online stores. Leave all your items or a few items in your shopping cart for a day or a little longer. Online stores look at this action and worry that you might not come back to complete your purchase with them, so sometimes, they send you discounts. All you have to do is wait for those discounts. Then, you can finalize your shopping. Now, these discounts don’t always come, but if you can afford to wait a bit, go ahead and do so because you have a chance. If no discounts are sent to your email, you can always try this trick with other eStores.

No matter where you are located in the world, there are tips and tricks that you can do to make your online shopping experience a little better. Your family is going to appreciate the work you do because you’ll be saving money that could go towards other necessities you have to worry about.