If you’re running an eCommerce, or rely on your website for business, it’s important to keep your customers loyal. In fact, 92% of customers have claimed to be willing to switch brands at any point, and are less likely to stick around. This is due to the fact that there is simply too much choice, and it’s too easy to compare prices online. 

The Amazon generation is much more price-aware, and it’s easy to be swayed by a new brand if they have a stronger online presence or reputation. Reaching out to your audience is only the first part, customer retention is just as important. Here are some tips on how to retain more customers by improving your website.

Make your site more accessible

Ensure your website is easy to use. Invite customers to contact you for information. You can do this by clearly displaying your contact details or better yet using a strong Call To Action (CAT). Include a click button in a contrasting color on your landing page to encourage customers to get in touch. Try to have relevant information easily accessible on your website. It won’t be difficult for potential customers to look up a competitor online if they can’t find it. 

Focus on a customer-centric approach

Use a customer-centric approach in every aspect of your online marketing. Think about how easy your site is to navigate. Consider the needs of the customer in all aspects and try to take a personal approach where possible. Have you written about how your products or services will benefit the customer? Can you save them time or money with your online checkout? Make their lives as easy as possible, and this will improve their experience.

Be consistent in your branding

Consistent branding helps create loyal customers so stick to clear design, language, and style. Send a consistent message as well. Is the “personality” of your business always reflected through your site? Your logo should have a strong and memorable presence, as should the company values. Push for a good reputation by making a social contribution, and give your brand more credibility. 

Engage your customers

Video tutorials and blog posts are great ways to engage with your customers online. You can make impressive graphics as well with the top media and design apps that will draw your customers in. Why not try posting video tutorials explaining how to use your products? For service websites, show your expertise through webinars and use video to support blog articles and podcasts. Use this media to really show off your knowledge and experience. 

Display customer feedback

Have these on display on your website. Reviews are an important part of your content. Use video testimonies as well, or if possible names or photos of clients. Use your instincts to judge what would most appeal to your client base. Select testimonies from loyal customers expressing a long-term reliable service. These are good evidence as to why it’s worth sticking with you and not moving on to other brands. 

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