Old homes have a lot of charm. They have history as well as distinctive architecture and design choices that make them really stand out compared to newer houses. However, sometimes older homes are lacking in regards to modern comforts. One of these is often air conditioning. If your old home has old and ineffective air conditioning or no air conditioning at all, it’s probably time to consider installing new AC in your home. Below are few of the reasons why.

You Have Noticed Unwanted Pests

In many places, without air conditioning your home will become very humid inside. This can be bad for many reasons. One is that it will lead to many unwanted pests and creatures deciding your home is a great habitat for them. This will include microscopic pests like mites. In certain parts of the country, even more dangerous critters like snakes may try to find their way inside your home. Air conditioning can help prevent this by making sure your home is cool and uninhabitable to these kinds of intruders.

You Have Noticed Damage to the Home

Humidity can also do damage to both the structure of your home and your possessions inside. Even things like kitchen cabinets can be damaged by humidity. Electronics, artwork, and other belongings can be irreparably damaged. Humidity can especially damage wood, affecting both furnishings and your home’s structural integrity. It can cause your home’s resale value to plummet. Though the damage humidity can do is slow and not immediately noticeable, protecting your home and belongings is one of the best reasons to get a new air conditioning installation.

You Have Detected Mold

One of the reasons why humidity is so dangerous for a home is because of mold. Mold can destroy a home’s value. It can cost an exorbitant amount of money to repair mold damage, and it can make furniture and other possessions unsalvageable. Most importantly, mold can be dangerous to your family’s health. Air conditioning can help stop the growth and spread of mold inside an older home.

It’s So Hot and Humid Inside It’s Dangerous

The level of heat and humidity that can form inside a home can be dangerous to residents. This is especially the case for the elderly and infirm. Many seniors die every year during the summer due to faulty air conditioning. Having properly working air conditioning can help protect your family’s lives. Very young children are also at risk. 

Older homes tend to have older air conditioning systems that don’t work properly. Some may not have a system at all. If this is the case, you should invest in a new AC system. Doing so can protect your home as well as your family from harm.

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