While a major renovation can completely transform your home, small upgrades are also another way to give your house a facelift. These cost-effective upgrades can make a big difference to your home improvement efforts. Consider the following 10 upgrades that you can easily complete to transform your home:


1. Refresh Your Home With Paint

Paint has a way of completely changing a space. With just a few coats of paint, you can exchange your drab interior for a bright burst of fresh color. Whether you choose a traditional option like white paint or you go for a more daring color scheme, this upgrade is relatively simple with incredible results.


2. Add Crown Molding

Nothing says “upgrade” like the intricate details of crown molding. This remodeling update adds value and charm to your home when applied properly. With a bit of joint compound and easy-to-cut crown molding, you can completely transform any average room into an elegantly decorated space.


3. Finish Your Kitchen Cabinets

While a complete kitchen remodels may be an appealing way to modernize this room, the process can be particularly expensive. If you don’t have the time or money to spend on a total kitchen transformation, opting to refinish your kitchen cabinets will give the entire room a facelift.


Should you choose to refinish the cabinet yourself, you’ll need some sandpaper, a cleaner, paintbrush, and time. With a small budget and a bit of elbow grease, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish with your mini kitchen makeover.


4. Replace Your Refrigerator Water Filter

Enjoying water fresh from the refrigerator is a convenience many homeowners never think twice about. While your water may be cold and refreshing, it may not be as clean as you think if you haven’t replaced the filter in a while. Making this simple upgrade to new refrigerator filters will guarantee that your water is as clean as possible. The best filters are able to eliminate contaminants like chlorine, lead, and similar impurities that cause bad odors and taste.


5. Update Your Closet

The closet is another area in the home that rarely get attention, though it plays a crucial role in helping homeowners stay organized. However, if your closet has become a catchall for all the clutter in your home, it’s time to consider a simple upgrade. Taking the time to install an organization system will make it easier to keep your closet in order and keep things from getting out of hand. Whether it’s your kitchen pantry or the closet in your bedroom, installing shelving, racks, and similar storage areas will completely upgrade your closet.


6. Give your Hardware a Makeover

If you’ve never replaced the hardware in your home, you’re due for an upgrade. Old-fashioned handles and knobs can date your home, making it look out-of-style. Modernize your home by installing contemporary hardware. Be sure to choose fixtures and hardware that provide fashion and function as you’ll use these items every day. Drawer pulls, faucets, and similar fixtures should all fit into your aesthetic without being difficult to use.


7. Replace Fluorescent Lighting

When making updates to your home, don’t miss out on the opportunity to brighten things up. While fluorescent lighting saves energy, it can create a dull and dim atmosphere. Replacing your fluorescent lights with LED lighting, you’ll be able to add warmth and brightness to your house without having to settle for an undesirable color or ugly light fixtures.


8. Update Your Popcorn Ceiling

In your efforts to modernize your home, another step to take is to get rid of your popcorn ceiling. While this trend was popular in the 1980s, today, homeowners prefer a texture-free ceiling. With some concentrated effort, you’ll be able to scrape off your popcorn ceiling and apply a new finish in just one weekend.


9. Upgrade the Front Door

A proper front door takes security and curb appeal into account. Even if yours is functional, it may not be as secure or aesthetically pleasing as it could be. In making your other upgrades, consider replacing your front door with a more durable and eye-catching model.


10. Declutter the Landscape

Don’t forget to give your landscape some attention during your mini-renovation. Boosting your home’s curb appeal starts with improving your landscaping efforts. Investing in trees, flowers, shrubs, and a well-manicured lawn are all great effective to upgrade your home.


A total home transformation is just a few upgrades away. Let this guide inspire you to make some of the updates discussed above.


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