As the mother in the household, your family is looking to you for comfort during times of crisis. In addition to doing your best to remain calm, one of the best ways to provide comfort is by remaining prepared for anything at all times. If a natural disaster happens in your area, consider some of the best ways you can prepare your family for it.

Stockpiling Food & Water

Whenever you visit the grocery store, always grab a few items that you place in your basement. Purchase a deep freezer that can be used to keep various items cold for a longer period of time. Purchase canned goods, water and non-perishable items like chips, granola and nuts. Remember to keep a manual can opener, dishware and utensils on hand for an emergency.

Learn First Aid & CPR Tactics

If someone has a cut or bruise, everyone should know how to use the first aid kit. If someone needs mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, it is vital that you or someone else in your family knows how. Take a day to teach the entire family how to do various CPR tactics for emergency purposes. It might seem strange in the moment. However, if the time ever arises, your family will know what to do to save a life.

Review the insurance policies

In the unfortunate circumstance where someone passes, the insurance policy will guide the other family members through the financial aspects of moving forward. If the house collapses, the homeowner’s insurance policies will cover the damage. However, in order to make sure the policies are helpful, the family needs to know where those papers are kept. Furthermore, be sure to update the policies as time goes on. As you gain new assets and take care of other liabilities, the policies need to reflect that.

Store emergency essentials

Batteries, flashlights and heated gloves are great for warmth and sight. If you’re out of electricity, you can heat up food by using gel-chafing fuel cans, trays and foil pans. Keep a battery-powered radio on hand. Store up prescription medications, face masks and an extinguisher as helpful emergency essentials as well. Toiletries such as toilet paper, paper towels, and anti-bacterial wipes will come in handy for cleaning purposes.

It doesn’t matter where you live. Natural disasters and accidents happen. While you can’t predict when and where it’ll happen, you can do your best to be as prepared as possible. When you take care of these four essential tasks, you can breathe a little easier with the understanding that you’ve done your part.