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Ask any successful businessperson about the value of a company logo, and they will be quick to tell you that branding is everything and the foundation of your business. Catching the eye of a potential customer is key, and making a strong and memorable impression is what it’s all about. Therefore, creativity and cleverness will pay off. Here are some of our favorite and unique ways to advertise your logo and boost your business.

Be Street Savvy

That’s right. Hit the street for some IRL or “in real life” marketing. The strategy is excellent for local companies and features old-fashioned branding that really works. For instance, flyers with your logo on them have been around for decades, and you can still use them to your advantage, and place them under car windshield wipers, hang them at bus stops, laundromats, etc.

If you own the building, consider hiring a graffiti artist to paint a vibrant mural that advertises your logo on the side of the building, or try using an eye-catching air dancer customized for your needs. Your urban surroundings are full of eye-catching marketing potential if you use your imagination.

The Proper Mentor

The right “coach” builds a business by improving the leadership of a company’s organization. That is why a knowledgeable mentor is an asset to the team with an in-depth knowledge of the industry and an awareness of the local market environment.

Finding a person in your network that can advocate for yourself and your business can make a huge impact since you are leveraging existing relationships that you didn’t have to build yourself in order to drive interest in your business and establish trust. 

Take Your Logo With You

Another advertising gem is wearing your brand’s logo wherever your travels take you. Advertising experts believe that you should be making your logo visible every day in some form or another to keep promotion constant.

You could have your logo smack dab on your briefcase or on a tote bag as you walk through the airport. Or maybe you are wearing your logo pin on your blazer or lapel.

Be a walking billboard for yourself and your company brand.

Sponsor A Sports Team

More often than not, local sports teams are looking for sponsors, and this is a wonderful opportunity to combine forces with athletics. Not only are you immersing your business in the community in the form of goodwill, but you’re putting the spotlight on your brand, creating a buzz and getting some welcome attention.

Let’s say you were sponsoring the local boys’ soccer team, make sure you place your company logo on the back of the players’ shirts for that memorable image.

Hold A Design Contest

Big brands are savvy when it comes to enhancing their image, but that doesn’t mean that your smaller company can’t follow suit.

Remember the Doritos Video Contest? By engaging the customer to participate in a large contest, your company is gaining tons of exposure, the potential of new clients and free logo publicity.

Invite people to design something like a new flavor for your food product or a new motto for your business, etc. Then, create a project link, and blast it across social media as in Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others.

Custom Email Signature

This one sounds super-simple, but often, company owners forget to go back to basics. Think about it, you probably send out thousands of emails a year.

Odds are that you’re still typing your name in at the end of each email, and if you are, you’re wasting precious time and more importantly, a unique branding space.

Now you can use a custom email signature stamp for your outgoing emails. You can have your business logo included with your signature and also links to your company website and social media profiles.

Let’s be honest. If your company’s lacking a logo, then you’re not even in the game. Having an exceptional, eye-appealing logo is half the battle, and then there’s the fine art of logo promotion. Whether your advertising is done online or in real life, every logo needs that special boost.