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Whether you are moving or just want a fun new piece of furniture, your home will need to be prepped before being fully ready to accommodate new pieces. Maybe you are getting furniture from a local box store, or maybe you found a few incredible pieces at an antique store. The only thing you have to worry about now is prepping your home so that it is ready for when the new furniture will be delivered.

Confirming the Time

The first thing you want to do is confirm the delivery date and time. You will want to know how much time you have to get your home ready. Ideally, you want to make sure you have a few days before the delivery so that you don’t have to rush. Keep in mind that you can always reschedule if something comes up or if you simply haven’t gotten your home ready for the delivery just yet. The moving company should work around your schedule, so don’t feel intimidated to change the date or time.

Out With the Old

It may be a good idea to remove some items you don’t need anymore. Some things in your home can be donated while other things you might want to keep for later use. Pack everything up and look for good moving companies in South Florida or your particular locale to help you transport your large items to a donation center or to a nearby storage facility. A good local storage company is going to have affordable storage units where your stuff should be safe until you need it again. A climate-controlled facility should help prevent infestations and mold issues, but be sure to prep your pieces before storing them just to be safe.

Clear the Path

An important reason to remove things from your home beforehand is that clearing a path makes it easier for the delivery specialists to navigate through your home without any issues. These individuals are going to be carrying large and heavy items that will require extra space around them. It is typically going to be difficult for them to see everything around them as they bring in your new furniture so it is vital that you try to remove everything from their path. Doing this may be time consuming, but it helps keep everyone and all of your items safe.

Addressing Kids and Pets

It can be dangerous for kids and pets to be nearby while items are being delivered due to the high amount of traffic coming in and out of your home. Delivery specialists will have an increased risk of injury if pets or children are running about because they are unable to see what is behind them. You will be able to keep risk low by making sure pets are in their kennels or in the fenced in backyard. It is best if children are kept entertained in other areas of the house where there won’t be any traffic. Your little ones and family pets’ safety should be top priority and this can be more easily accomplished when they are kept in a separate part of the house during that time. Alternatively, you could ask someone in your family to watch over the kids and/or pets while your furniture is being delivered.

Clear the Parking Spot

Ensure that the delivery professionals have a place to park that will not be inconvenient to anyone in the area. If you have a driveway, go ahead and clear that driveway by parking on the street or by parking inside your garage. The professionals should be able to park as close as possible. This should make unloading easier, which means your new furniture is going to be set up efficiently and much faster. Doing this will also decrease the chances of something falling, which could damage pieces.

Have Indicators Ready

It may be a good idea to have indicators or have a rough idea of where you want your furniture set up and placed. The more sure you are about this, the easier it’ll be for the moving professionals to finish up the job. The indicators could simply be a strip of tape with some writing on it that you can easily remove after the furniture is placed where you want it. Life is going to be simpler if you’re able to place your new furniture where you want it. Moving things around on your own with no help can get overwhelming and dangerous, so try to avoid that.

These are important steps you should take so that you are ready for your new furniture to be delivered. You can also talk to the moving professionals as they have the experience needed in order to ensure your items are transported safely. You can also ask them if there is anything else they might need or would appreciate in order to ensure a smooth process.