Installing a cloakroom bathroom is becoming an increasingly popular trend. Not only does it provide an extra bathroom space for guests, but it also adds functionality and value to a property. While space is obviously an issue with a bathroom cloakroom, there are unique ways of achieving this feature, even in small houses.

Below we explore five ways to design and install a cloakroom bathroom.


  • Compact Furniture & Fixtures


Cloakroom bathrooms are notoriously small spaces, so it makes sense that you would need to install compact furniture. Whether it’s the toilet, sink, cabinet, or towel rail, installing compact furniture is key to ensuring that you have as much available space as possible. Planning your cloakroom design can be tricky, so it’s always advisable to consult bathroom design experts for additional help.


  • Build it in the Basement or Under the Stairs 


If you have the luxury of a large house, or one which is spread across more than one floor, installing your cloakroom bathroom on the bottom or ground floor is a great idea. Not only is it accessible to your guests, but it prevents further wear and tear to your main bathroom on the other story. If you don’t have a bottom floor, it is becoming increasingly popular to build the cloakroom under the stairs. As you only need about 3 to 5 feet of space, utilizing the area beneath the stairs can be an excellent idea. 


  • Maximize Space


It sounds like an obvious point, but it’s not always easy to do. With such a small space to work with, utilizing every square inch as possible takes some careful planning. This includes making use of the corners, purchasing space-saving radiators, and having a door that opens outwards, rather than into the space. Other ideas such as boxed-in storage on the wall, shelving units instead of vanity cupboards, and a small corner sink can help you maximize space. 


  • Use Clever Design Techniques


Creating the illusion of space in a cloakroom can turn an otherwise small room into a seemingly larger one. Installing oversized tiles can make a room feel bigger, and playing with light reflection can also create the illusion of a larger area. Hanging a large mirror above the toilet or vanity also allows you to play with perspective. Smaller mirrors can be effective for playing with light and creating the illusion of space too.  


  • Stay Minimal and Keep it Clean


It goes without saying that keeping a bathroom clean is a must. This is particularly the case with a cloakroom, as any clutter will cause the room to feel small and claustrophobic. Ensure that you always keep the space tidy and that any little decorative features are also minimal. One way to work with minimalism is to go with a theme, perhaps something nautical or vintage, where you can display small trinkets or objects that make the room feel fun or comforting. 


The ideas for cloakroom bathrooms are endless, but this short guide will hopefully be a good first step. Happy planning!