Your family vacations should not be relegated to being remembered by a stack of photos or an online collection of memories. There are a number of interesting ways that you can remember your trip with a physical memento of your time together. Here are five ways that you can immortalize your next family adventure.

Create a Memory Picture Book or Calendar:

 Creating a picture book of memories is a popular way to preserve these snapshots. There are many available online applications that can help you to design a professional photo memory book. With a simple click of the mouse, you can insert all of your favorite photos from the trip into a variety of designs with many background options. Some applications will even let you add text to turn the photo book into a scrapbook that details all of the best moments of your time together as a family. Keep your memory book in a special place or use it as a coffee table conversation piece for your guests. For something smaller and less intensive, you may consider making a photo calendar using your vacation pictures.

Start a New Tradition With an Ornament or Magnet: 

An easy and affordable way to remember your trip is to purchase a holiday ornament that is reflective of the personality and location of the place that you visit. You will remember this trip every year when you decorate your tree. For example, if your travels take you to Paris, consider purchasing a replica of the Eiffel Tower for your tree. Before you know it, your tree will be full of ornaments that chronicle all of your family’s travels.

Another good item to begin collecting on your travels are magnets. Decorate your refrigerator or office space with these local magnets to keep the memories of your trip top of mind. One of the best things about these items is that they are small enough to easily transport back home with you.

Hire a Professional Photographer:

 Hiring a professional photographer to take pictures of you and your family at your destination is a wonderful way to commemorate the special trip and to give you a lasting souvenir. It is easy to find a qualified photographer by perusing review sites for local recommendations. Not only will you enjoy quality family photos, but you will also capture the fun that you had exploring a new area of the world. For example, Seattle photographers can take shots of you and your family checking out iconic locations such as the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, and the scenic waterfront area. You do not have to settle for an ordinary family photo session when you can elevate your backdrop with the unique landscape of your travel destination.

Put it on Paper: 

One of the most lasting ways to remember your next family vacation is to write about it. This writing can come in a variety of forms. Perhaps you want to publish a blog to share with your friends and family? Or maybe you want to keep the memories more personal and simply record your thoughts for a journal? Putting all of your memories down on paper will keep these memories alive forever. If you choose to go this route, it is important to jot down the memories as soon as possible during or after your trip so that the details are fresh in your mind.

Design a Shadow Box:

 Making a shadow box is a fun way to keep all of your trip memories in one place. Items to include in your box include your favorite snapshots from the trip, ticket stubs, travel brochures, copies of menus of your favorite restaurants, and pieces of the local currency. Not only will a shadow box provide you a permanent recollection of your trip, but it will also be a great conversation piece for people who visit your home.

Vacationing with your family is one of the finer things in life. You do not want to let these precious memories fade away. You can preserve these times forever by taking steps after your trip to remember all of the good times that you shared with your loved ones.

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