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No matter the size of your business or the industry, there are certain risks to the security of the business property and employees that everyone must prepare for. Thankfully, there have never been more options for securing tangible and intangible assets. Here are five ways you can better secure your business and hey, maybe save some money on insurance down the road.  

1. Install Better Lighting

This might come as a surprise, but appropriate lighting can make an otherwise safe space a ripe for mischief. First, take a walk around the outside of the building at night and consider adding lighting to any places that are difficult or feel unsafe to navigate without light. Similarly, take a walk indoors and consider spots where valuable property may be kept. 

Once you’ve identified issue spots, look for lighting products that offer features like activity sensors and internet management. Those innovative technologies make it even easier for you to keep your business safe.

In addition, your options for lighting today include energy-efficient products. You can see immediate savings on your utilities. And you can write off most energy-efficient products on your taxes. This investment will pay off for you now and on down the road. With a quick internet search, you can easily find lighting options that are aesthetically pleasing and won’t break the bank. 

2. Use Surveillance Cameras

If you do not have a surveillance system in place yet, then you should look into this right away. Ideally, you should use cameras at every entrance and exit. You need cameras inside your business, too. And do not forget to install cameras in your parking lot.

As with other technologies today, you have access to remote and wireless access. In this way you can monitor activities even when you’re not physically present. This is another wise investment for you that should be taken. And you should find a way to install surveillance cameras no matter the cost. There are affordable options for you and see if you can work out a payment plan. Do not install surveillance cameras unless they come with a service agreement.

3. Add Physical Barriers 

Adding physical barriers to keep areas separate between vehicles and pedestrians can help avoid costly accidents. If you have not looked into physical upgrades to your building, you should give them further consideration. They can help you prevent unwanted traffic in your common spaces and on your sidewalks. They also are beneficial in your parking lot.

Additionally, physical barriers can help limit road traffic in currently congested areas. There are a variety of crash-rated bollards, barriers, and physical barriers available on the market that have been rigorously tested and widely implemented. 

4. Fix Your Landscaping

You might not think landscaping is important when you are beefing up your security but it definitely is. Take time now to closely examine your entire property. Pay attention to unnecessary growth and any growth that needs to be cut back.

Do not give criminals an opportunity to hide on your property where they further plot their criminal activity. If you are not using the services of a professional landscaper, then you should look into these services for your business right away. Landscaping pros can ensure you do not have any unfixed security issues.

5. Consider Hiring IT Security

Did you know cyber threats are one of the most constantly and prevalent threats to most businesses? You can encounter cyber threats from people in your own network or sitting at their laptops across the world. For this reason, It is very important for you to beef up your information technology (IT). Even if you have an IT department on your staff, you still might benefit from hiring outside IT cybersecurity experts. You can enlist these services to audit your business security or book their services for an ongoing service arrangement. Thankfully, these IT consultants can help you remotely or on-site. 

Make the Needed Investments for Your Business

Whether you’re an established business or renting out your first dedicated office, it is wise to be cautious and prevent unwanted accidents and attacks. Safety is imperative for everyone involved in your business from your employees and customers to vendors and the general community.

Now that you have a better idea of things to consider, go out, and perform a self-audit on your business’ security. No matter your budget, you should be able to make one or all of these implementations. Do not take your security needs lightly and make the appropriate investments for your business.

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