When you have to stay home with your family, it can be hard to keep them entertained. They might even be reluctant to get off their phones and spend time together. However, fun family time at home is not impossible. There are many activities that you can enjoy from home with your loved ones. Here are four ways to entertain your family from home this spring.


Make Arts and Crafts


There are several arts and crafts that you can create with your family. You can make paper lanterns to light up the front of your house or your patio roof. If you are feeling a little more scientific, you can make your own slime. There is also painting, tie-dying, paper mache, and much more. Arts and crafts are not only fun but will improve your family’s fine motor skills and lower their stress as well.


Get Some Exercise


It is important to maintain good physical health. Exercise has many benefits, from fighting off heart attacks to avoiding diabetes and even reducing the chance of recurrent cancer. You can exercise indoors with activities such as yoga exercises, push-ups, dancing, jumping jacks, jump rope, and so on. If you have a driveway, you can invest in a basketball hoop and play together. You and your family will stay healthy in addition to being entertained.




One way to stay amused is by doing a performance. You can put on a puppet show or a magic show. If you do not have puppets or magic cards, you could also do a poetry or story reading. You can either create your own poems and stories to tell or you can pick your favorites to read. Take turns and see what each family member has to offer. Performing will bring out your family’s creative side and will be a nice break from the usual television or video games.




There are many recipes you can make in the spring. The weather is making the transition from hot to cold, which means it is still cool enough to bake cookies but also warm enough to enjoy a barbecue out on the patio. You can spice up your cooking by trying out new recipes every day. While people usually go out to parks to have a picnic, you can have one in your own backyard. Your family might discover a new favorite recipe and you can bond over mealtime.

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