When it comes to fashion, trends come and go. That being said, there are some trends in the world of jewelry that can come in handy if you are trying to find the perfect engagement ring to fit your future fiancée’s style. If you are looking for a ring that has just the right amount of personality and flair while also having all the elements that make engagement rings such timeless tokens of affection, here are four trends to consider.

1. Gemstones Instead of Diamonds

While it is true that most ladies look forward to seeing a classic diamond at the center of their engagement ring, your choices are not limited to diamonds alone. In fact, your future fiancée might prefer a pop of color instead of the typical diamond. You might choose to make her ring even more personal to her by opting for her birthstone. 

Another great benefit of going with a gemstone instead of a diamond as the main stone for your engagement ring is that you get more flexibility when making your final decision. Emeralds, sapphires, and rubies are all popular selections. You can even choose to have a gemstone surrounded by smaller diamonds if you truly want to complement its color. If you want to see some beautiful examples of gemstone engagement rings, have a look at Fjewellery.co.uk

2. Rose Gold

Rose gold is an incredibly on-trend metal to go with when choosing an engagement ring. While this metal isn’t for everyone, generally speaking, if your wife-to-be loves rose gold, then she will truly fall in love with a rose gold engagement ring. 

This hue of gold compliments a brilliant diamond perfectly, and is a great way to show her that you are taking her taste into account. Moreover, if she is already in love with rose gold jewelry, her new engagement ring will go perfectly with all of her other jewelry, as well.

3. Yellow Gold

Another metal that is actually more of a throwback to classic, vintage engagement rings is yellow gold. In recent years, yellow gold engagement rings have been making a comeback as more people prefer it to white gold. One reason for this is that a diamond truly stands out against the yellow color of a shiny, gold band. 

If you are opting for a bright gemstone as the main stone in your engagement ring instead of a diamond, yellow gold also goes very well with such colors. Why not take advantage of both trends to give her a truly unique engagement ring?

4. Multiple Stones

While there are still many brides-to-be who would prefer a solitary stone on their engagement ring, there is a rising popularity of rings that feature multiple stones instead of just one. Three- and five-diamond rings can create a striking yet balanced look for an engagement ring that she will love. The other benefit of rings with multiple diamonds is that they also tend to go quite well with popular wedding band styles