It is pervasive in human culture that work requires being tied to a desk 24/7. Work, for many, means an office cubicle, unavoidable meetings, and the like. But contrary to this popular belief, there are a lot of career paths that pay the bills while also allowing you to travel anywhere you want. If that’s something you’re interested in, read on further as we discuss the five top remote jobs.


If you have a knack for creating informational and thought-provoking content, pursuing a writing job can afford you the freedom and flexibility to travel. Whether you’re going for a freelance position or as an employee of a company, you’ll need a portfolio or blog that showcases your work. To succeed as a writer, you’ll want to hone in on a niche or industry early. Specializing in a topic and writing style can help you find work that suits your expertise. As a writer, the potential income varies immensely based on employer, hours worked per week, and the complexity of the task involved. Some assignments will require you to write using SEO best practices while others will require you to write an entire training manual on a certain topic.

Flight Attendant

Perhaps the most popular travel-related career choice is that of a flight attendant. If you’d like to travel to different countries and don’t mind the long flight hours and the frequently changing work schedule, consider becoming a flight attendant. Airlines impose different requirements for their prospective flight attendants, but you’ll generally have to be fit enough to reach for overhead bins and stand on your feet for long stretches. Prior experience in customer service and knowing at least one other language can increase your chances of getting work. Finally, having a pilot license or related certification can also work to your advantage. Consider taking flying lessons to differentiate yourself from competition. Look for a good flying instructor by searching for lessons in your area. For example, search for flying lessons in San Diego CA, or your current location.

Cruise Ship Worker

Being a cruise ship worker is another line of work that affords travel on the company dime. You get paid to travel to other countries and interact with people from different cultures. Cruise ship companies provide free boarding and food for their employees. There are different customer service-oriented roles that you can secure at a cruise ship, such as restaurant server, entertainer or performer, cashier, baker, technician, and so on. You can also start working as a deckhand for the ship and work your way up to captain. As a cruise ship worker, you’ll have time to explore new places whenever your ship docks at a new port.

Software Engineer

It’s a well-known fact that software engineers are generously paid in today’s tech-driven society. But what makes them an even more appealing career path is the fact that you can work from home a decent amount of time throughout the year. And if you’re working as an independent contractor or freelancer, you can travel and bring your work anywhere. It’s not rare for software engineers to be self-taught, but you can also secure either a traditional four-year degree or complete a boot camp program. The duties and projects you’ll work on as a software engineer will change but will include managing databases, coordinating with other team members, debugging your codebase, and creatively and logically thinking of ways to advance the project while making sure your project is on track to meet client deadlines.

Au Pair

A less common career for avid travelers in the U.S. is that of an au pair. While most prevalent in European countries, this line of work is becoming increasingly common in other parts of the world. Thanks to the Internet, host families and au pairs are being connected at a faster rate. You can find clients in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, etcetera. The main requirement for an au pair is to be good with children. How it works is the au pair lives with the host family. In exchange for boarding and food, the au pair provides childcare services including driving them to and from school and tutoring them.

Final Word

Traveling can be expensive, from the airfare to the food and lodging. Securing a job that lets you travel covers these expenses plus more. Aside from these, you have other options to choose from – tutor or teacher, consultant, and foreign service officer. Take the time to figure out which one best suits your preferred lifestyle and technical expertise.