Employee retention, productivity, and overall work quality are linked to a mutual sense of camaraderie. This is something you have the power to build within your workplace if you take team-building exercises seriously. The following are five team-building trips that might help you with your goal.

1. The Volunteering Trip

Employers could also plan a volunteering trip. This trip could be big or small; it all depends on what you want, but it’s an effective team-building activity. The reason this is such a good activity for your employees is that it allows them to be altruistic and to give back to the community.

You’ll see how much the heart opens when it is doing something good for others. This gives your members a chance to connect, and it gives everyone a memory they won’t forget. The good thing about this kind of trip is that it usually doesn’t cost much, and it’s something that could make your employees feel good about working for you.

2. Going Into an Escape Room

Escape rooms are pretty exciting trips, and they are great for team building. The point of an escape room is to have team members work together to solve a problem. For those who do not know, an escape room is a game where the goal is to move to another room until you escape the entire maze.

The only way to escape each room is to solve a series of riddles until you can find the key that opens the door. The skills of your employees are going to be useful, and putting your workers in this kind of situation makes it easy to form a connection. That emotional connection is vital if you want your employees to care for one another.

3. Choosing a Corporate Natural Retreat

Okay, employers need to recognize that employees do give you a lot. They give you time, effort, and so much more, which could end up getting to them at some point. One trip to consider that should help everyone feel better is a corporate natural retreat.

There are several natural retreats around the outskirts of Ontario that you may want to consider. Most of the time, these are in the middle of the woods; there’s usually cabins there where you’ll stay, and staff gets a chance to connect with nature. Think of it as a camping trip, and all that time on your hands is going to help you feel united. Plus, it’ll help everyone feel re-energized since these retreats disconnect you from the stress of the city.

4. Consider A Fishing Trip

If you’re wanting to treat your top employees to a one of a kind trip that could help make your team feel more connected is going fishing. There’s a lot of activities out there to consider, but this one is especially effective because a lot of it requires patience. For a while, your employees will simply be waiting to catch a fish, allowing everyone to talk to each other. This is great because employees don’t always have time to talk to each other at work.

You can even be flown into your destination to enjoy a team bonding experience at the best fishing at Peisk Lake.

5. Tourists for a Day

The next thing you may want to consider is having your entire team become tourists for a day. You’d be surprised how much there is to do in your town or city that your employees probably haven’t done in a long time if ever. Just because you live in a place doesn’t mean you know much about it.

Of course, you could also look for more niche tourist attractions instead of the more popular ones. For example, find out if there’s a tour in Ontario that hunts for scary locations or one that focuses on all the maple syrup near you. If you do want to travel, then maybe consider one of the other towns nearby. Doing this is exciting and helps build rapport among your employees, which is what you want.

Team-building does work and should show positive results as long as you stick to the exercises. It may take some time to get used to doing some of these things with your team, but they are a worthy investment.