Your teenager probably loves surfing the web and talking to their friends about all sorts of things. That means that it could be hard to keep track of what kinds of things they like. Here are seven great gift ideas to give you a head start on what you can buy them.

A Neon Sign for Their Room

Teenagers are exploring who they are by expressing themselves. If you think it matches your teen’s style, then a neon sign for their room could add some taste. It could also make a beautiful night light for those older kids who don’t want to admit that they’re still afraid of the dark. There are all kinds of neon signs of different colors with different words and visuals. You can get a purple one that says hello, for example. Try to get one that best matches your teenager’s style.

A Disney+ Subscription

Who says gifts always half to be tangible. Your teenager is probably upset that they can’t go to the movies with their friends right now. That’s why various streaming services, like Disney+, are featuring a lot of selections you can watch from home. No matter what age you are, Disney appeals to people of all ages. Whether your teenager can watch the latest Star Wars movies or wants to enjoy the classics like the Lion King, they’ll be able to with a push of the button and a sit on the couch. There’s also an opportunity for you and your teenager to bond.

A Girl’s Guide to the Wild

It might be unsuitable to get your teenage girl this gift right now, but think of it as preparation for when they can leave again. A Girl’s Guide to the Wild is a book that details crucial survival tips and fun crafts your teen can do in the outdoors. She’s probably adventurous, and either would love or currently loves camping. Some people might have told your teen things like “boys only” or “camping isn’t for girls.” This guide proves that anyone, especially girls, can develop a love of the great outdoors. If you happen to have a teenage boy who’s very secure about themselves, then they might enjoy learning about interesting and useful ways to survive in nature.

Cute iPhone Cases

Your teen is ecstatic that they got the latest iPhone. All they have to do is protect it with a case. It doesn’t have to be a dull, standard case you can find at the dollar store. Choose one of many cute iphone cases that they will love, and is as unique as they are. There are many stores, websites, and even bands that offer customizable cases for your teens phone too! You can get a cover with your teen’s name on it, or that has a bold style they’ll like.

NES Classic Edition

You probably grew up playing the NES and was a little sad that your teen missed out on all of those fun games. With this console, they can play those classics you loved as a kid. The NES Classic is like a smaller version of the real thing. It also comes preloaded with 30 NES games. You and your teen could accumulate hours of fun playing this console. One of the great things about this is that it’s multiplayer so that you can play together.

The Everlane Card/ID Holder

This leather card case can carry your teen’s regular essentials, like their school ID or some money. The holder is great for those who don’t want to bring their whole wallet to school. It’s easy to store in their backpacks and handbags. This card case is also incredibly useful for that forgetful teen who keeps leaving their ID at home. It comes in varying colors, including red. The entire holder has a chic style to it, which might flow well with your teen’s desired look.

Local Event Tickets

Sure, most events aren’t going on right now. However, your teen is going to want to go somewhere when the pandemic is over. Give them an idea by getting them tickets to a local event that is will occur in the future. It could be for a concert, sports, or anything your teen would like. If you’re not sure, then there are gift cards you can get for your teen. They could find the best places to go with their friends online.

With COVID-19, your teen is probably feeling down because they feel cooped up in your home. To help ease their cabin fever, get them one of these gifts. They’re not that lame, and your teen will probably thank you in the long run.