Living with anxiety can be extremely difficult, especially if you have been experiencing its effects for long periods of time. If you feel as though you are about to give up on finding the right treatment for you, do not despair. Even if you think you’ve tried everything to try and cure your anxiety, there are many alternative steps that you should consider. Here are five of the top solutions that you can try to see if they are right for you.

Try CBD Oils

CBD has become popular among those that have been suffering from anxiety due to its recent legalization and the fact that there is some evidence to suggest that it could treat mental health conditions. Not only can it stop negative thoughts and other psychological effects of anxiety, but, in some cases, it has also decreased the physical symptoms, such as a fast heart rate. If you are interested in trying new solutions to ease your mental health conditions, The Violetta Company offers a range of CBD products, such as oils and tinctures, to put your mind at rest. 

Find a Different Therapist

If you believe that talking therapies do not work for you, the reason for this could be that you have not found the right counselor for you. When you visit a therapist for anxiety, it is vital that you are able to build a trusting relationship with them, one that allows you to feel comfortable to speak about your concerns. Therapists can build a rapport with different people, so you should give a few counselors in your area a try. You’re sure to find someone that works for you.

Learn to Manage your Anxiety

Although you might long for your anxiety to be completely eradicated, if no treatments are working for you, you should instead focus on developing coping mechanisms to help you to manage your anxiety when it arises. For instance, cognitive behavioral therapies can help you to manage panic attacks and anxiety episodes at the moment that they occur. You should also take the time to identify your triggers and develop relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing. 

Consider Alternative Therapies

If you are still looking for more treatments that may help you to live the life that you want, you could consider looking at alternative therapies. For instance, you may try treatments such as hypnotherapy and Qigong, which, although controversial, may be able to provide you some relief. 

Don’t Avoid Medication

Many people suffering from anxiety wish to treat their condition using natural methods. However, when you have tried everything but the medical route, you should consider whether medication may, in fact, be the right path for you, especially if you are struggling to cope or are a risk to yourself. If you do not want to take medication to treat your anxiety, you should think about what may be deterring you, such as the stigma around them, and whether these cons outweigh the potential positives to your health. 

Speaking to a medical professional may be able to ease any worries that you have over taking medication. They will also be able to find the right treatment for you.