When you’re running a business, you hope to make an impression on your customers that they will remember in a good way. It’s not only about branding and distinguishing yourself from the competition, but your company should represent the public image you are promoting and what your product or service is all about. Strong branding develops trust among clients and customers. Here are some of our favorite design ideas that can help your business stand out.

1. Logo Signage

Let’s face it. Every company needs a logo and a memorable one. You can use printed promotional materials to get your message across but even more important is your business’s signage.

Visual representation is essential for creating that all-important customer base, and signage can help attract the masses.

There are all kinds of wonderful materials to consider when designing your company logo signage. Of course, wood is the old standby, but custom sheet fabrication is a modern and versatile way of creating a knock-out sign for your business. The material is very strong, durable, easy to shape, and move around.

You can also consider an online logo for your business app or website.

2. Car Door Magnets

Another excellent visual communicator that can promote your company is the car door magnet. The strategy here is simple and effective in two ways. As your vehicle moves about through traffic, your car door magnet is a moving ad or mini-billboard. When your vehicle is parked, the magnet can also be seen by passersby to call attention to your product or service.

The car door magnet is ideal for both company and personal vehicles. The magnets are affordable and easy to remove and can withstand the elements and your vehicle whizzing through tunnels, etc.

Your car turns into an instant marketing tool and is great for drumming up local business as your drive around town.

3. Customer Freebies

People like getting free stuff, right, and your business can capitalize on customer loyalty by giving out calendars, stickers, tee shirts, etc. This is an easy way to build a brand and customer appreciation by going the extra distance.

Know your audience and what they like, and go from there. Include your company logo on the free item such as a cool bottle opener, for instance.

You could also set up a contest with giveaways on social media. When it’s a client’s birthday, you could send an email and offer them a discount or a freebie.

By expressing appreciation to your customers, your company will gain in the long run.

4. Color Campaign

When it comes to branding and truly standing out from the crowd, the colors you use in your company logo, website, business location, etc. can all have an impact. Color can become a key part of your business design strategy and should not be taken lightly.

It may sound corny, but color triggers people’s emotions. All you have to do is look at the iconic soda brand Coca-Cola. Psychologists say that the shade of red not only attracts attention, but it also stirs your appetite and raises the human pulse when people see the vivid, strong color.

Using multi-color also conveys a unique message, and that is one of inclusiveness and diversity. eBay, Google, and NBC all use multi-color logos.


5. Promotional Literature


Here is yet another vehicle for helping to showcase your business. Keep it simple and direct, according to branding experts. You don’t want to oversaturate when it comes to any promotional or sales literature.

Include beautiful photographs or modern graphic images and cartoons to attract potential new clients or customers. Even something as simple as the type style used in your promo material plays a role.

For example, graphic design artists say that Sans serif type such as Arial and Verdana both deliver a clean, modern look.

When your promo or sales literature has a well-balanced layout, it gives strength to your company message and engages the reader’s attention.

No one said it would be easy to stand out high above the rest when it comes to maintaining your business. There are a variety of ways to showcase your company, but some work better than the rest. Make sure your logo strikes the right note, and go from there.