Marketing has always been a fickle beast. After all, in some way it mirrors the entire fundamental root of our society, that is of appealing to others, or having something to appeal to them. Those who can access this power find themselves in a better position to seek exponential growth in success. We’re seeing that now, as influencer’s on social media have managed to take their life, with highlighted and edited pictures of them living it, and thus build up a trusting audience of people who follow their every move and appreciate their product testimonials.

This shows that the market is ripe for the picking, but we need to continually update our focus and understand what is expected of us as of now. In the current internationally-difficult times we are going through, we are once again reminded that in 2020, we cannot afford to market by halves.

But what renewed and refreshed strategy could we take, especially with businesses struggling to cope in the backdrop of a slow-moving economy? With the following advice, we’ll help you get there:#

Make Use Of The Best SEO Practices

SEO practices are becoming more refined all the time, and from Google’s end, substantial, cared-for and well-written content is becoming the name of the game. However, it can sometimes be difficult to not only pay copywriters for this privilege but to know you’re hitting the right search ranking metrics to make all of this effort worth it. While SEO is by far one of the most influential marketing tactics to use in 2020, it’s true that it can sometimes be a little painful to get through.

This is why Unravel Digital Marketing for SEO Services is considered among the best options you could use, because they fully understand the difficulty and past SEO mistakes you are most likely to make, and thus help you avoid all of that the next time you wish to roll out this strategy. With the knowledge of best practice and easy up-front communication that is both consistent and cared for, you can retain your confidence in the scope of your marketing strategy, while never worrying about its execution.

Research & Never Underestimate Your Audience

Understanding your audience is by far one of the most important measures to take. We research our competition when designing our marketing portfolio, so why not consider who we’re actually going to market to? But be careful, it’s extremely easy to reduce your audience to an inferior, often plastic version of how you perceive them, and there’s a strong chance that this will not pay dividends.

For instance, a hot new health drink that is going to launch in bars after the lockdown ends may find itself drawing up the ‘ideal, regular customer.’ This may be Jessica, a mid-20’s professional who enjoys spending time socializing and going out with her friends after a hard work week. After she’s done with her night out, she may wish to head to brunch at the local corporate bar to speak about the night prior with her friends. This is where your beverage may be best marketed.

But while Jessica is a vague collection of many women who will have this experience, reducing them to such a one-note set of characteristics can dilute your marketing strength, and it also only defines people as party-goers. It might be that defining her as someone who cares for her health no matter what her indulgences are can help you gear this product in a range of other environments, use marketing tactics being utilized by other, parralel companies, and also find this one potential sale point through a range of other platforms can be important.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Stand out from the crowd in your marketing. Think of all the sanitized social media marketing you have seen, with someone smiling and using the product in a perfect environment, happy guitar music playing, with nothing unique to it at all. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with a video advertisement of this quality playing before a YouTube video for instance, but what happened to creative intent? What happened to creating a real showpiece with your marketing, something of note?

Even creative songs, silly comedic skits, and the use of mystery are few and far between these days. Think of how the Orange mobile phone network first started out, using cryptic billboards and television advertisements to denote interest held so much power. There’s no reason why you can’t also generate some true creative intent behind your marketing platform to not only promote your services or product, but to include that marketing material as a complete product you can be proud of. It’s companies that think like this that gain the most from their marketing material.

A Multi-Purpose Strategy

In 2020, it’s worth trying to appear on as many platforms as possible. Google Advertisements are known for giving excellent cross-website reach depending on who is embedding said advertisements and where you would like to appear based on the algorithms in play. Advertisements can be formatted to certain timeline requirements and feature on Tik Tok, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and even discussion forums such as Reddit.

It’s not uncommon for people to use more than one of these platforms, and so it can be worthwhile to ensure your marketing approach is varied, and has plenty of content to offer. Additionally, designing an immediately informative and useful landing page can help you dispel any confusion, or immediately lead your clicks to further sales engagement.

No matter who you are or how you proceed, it’s important to know how to market with dynamic force, subtlety, and to understand both your own product and who you hope to sell it to. Through this combined effort, you can gain the most success, and you’ll gain it in multiple versatile viewpoints.

With this advice in mind, you can more easily develop a better and more noticeable marketing strategy. Doing things by halves is not always the best idea, after all.