perfect wedding dress on the wedding day

Getting married is one of the most important days of your life, and you want the nuptials to go off perfectly from head-to-toe. Of course, your wedding dress is the highlight and where all eyes will be fixed upon, but each detail matters and the accessories you choose can help further define your glamorous moment. Take a look at our accessories checklist for a little wedding day inspiration before you say “I do.”

Traditional VS. Modern

Every bride is unique and has her own perspective of how she wishes to appear when she makes that stunning walk down the aisle whether it is indoors or outdoors, in a cozy chapel, on a sultry beach, inside city hall or anywhere else.

Tradition usually calls for bridal accessories like a veil and “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.” You get the picture, but not every bride will play by this rulebook.

A modern bride may opt for minimalistic accessories like a pair of small, gold barrettes to wear in her hair or a thin gold belt clasped around her waist.

There are some spectacular accessories to complement your wedding dress in both modern and traditional styles.

You Do You

Bridal experts agree that when it comes to your wedding dress and the perfect accessories, always select a look that appeals to you and one that feels comfortable and enhances your signature style.

For example, your wedding shoes will play an important role during your nuptials, and you will be wearing them for possibly several hours. You may even want to slip into a pair of wedding flats during the reception for dancing the night away.

Your shoes should be as lovely as your dress. If you feel elegant with a T-strap, wedge, ankle strap, stiletto heel, or a romantic pair of Bella Belle shoes, for example, then choose the design you prefer. In other words, march to the beat of your own drum. Claim your style, and stick with it.

Avoid Dress Distraction

Another tip for choosing amazing wedding accessories is by looking at your wedding dress and its design. Is it a fairytale, regal ball gown style? Or maybe it features a heavily embellished, mermaid silhouette or a high-neck lace wedding dress.

There are so many wedding dresses, styles, fabrics, and adornments that can help you choose accessories that complete the look and blend in seamlessly.

Avoid accessories that distract from your wedding dress. Even your veil and dress should be the same color. If one is ivory, and the other is white, that can be a distraction.

Also, wearing tons of jewelry can overpower your look. So choose your adornments wisely. You do not need to wear bracelets, a necklace, toe rings, and an ankle bracelet. It would be overkill.

When Kate Middleton married Prince William in that iconic royal wedding, the bride chose a Cartier tiara and small, delicate drop earrings. It worked because the balance was just right and didn’t distract from her fabulous Victorian-style wedding dress and its nearly nine-foot train.

Your Hairstyle First

Another way to determine the perfect wedding day accessories is from the hairstyle you’re planning for the big day. If you decide against a veil, you also have multiple options for enhancing your look.

You could wear your hair up in a bun, and place bows or pins or weave some flowers in.

Maybe you would prefer to wear your hair down, and put on a floral crown or jeweled headband as an accessory that complements your wedding dress.

Your hairstyle is another major highlight of this memorable event, so take some time to create your stunning look and try on different accessories that add another level of understated bridal beauty.

When it comes to your special wedding day, just be true to yourself, find your signature style, and go with it.

If you choose a dress and accessories that you really don’t care for, the results may be reflected in your appearance, the way you carry yourself, and even how you feel about this huge life’s event.

Remember that you are the star of the show, and be the most beautiful version of yourself. Now, it’s time to focus on the honeymoon! Create an online wedding registry and get started.