Kids’ birthday parties have become more sophisticated and fun these days no matter what your budget is. There are tons of ways to make the celebration memorable in the eyes of a child. Decorating becomes the birthday focus and can center on the theme, food, location, etc. You don’t have to have a carnival of rides set up in the backyard to make a lasting impression. Kids just want to have a blast with their friends and family. Here are some of our favorite ways to decorate for the occasion.

1. Balloon Bonanza

Let’s be totally honest. Balloons are a classic, timeless, and never-miss decorating symbol for both kids and adults alike. When it comes to birthday balloons, the more the merrier.

Balloons deliver lots of vibrant colors, shine, and they look wonderful in large groupings. They can be attached to walls and ceilings, used as centerpieces, in a balloon arch, as balloon garland, etc. and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Celebratory messages can be written on balloons, and children love being around them, playing with them, and especially enjoying helium balloons.

2. Superhero Status

Nothing says Happy Birthday like your favorite superhero party, and you have lots of room to use your creative talents here. You can begin by gracing the walls of your party room with superhero posters or making colorful bunting from photocopied comic book pages.

Kids love dressing up in costumes of their superhero faves, and they will love finding a table laden with superhero treats like superpower cupcakes and the like.

You could get fancy by lining up some no-sew, do-it-yourself super-capes in bright colors for partygoing kids to put on.

3. Terrific Tea Party

Many young girls look forward to a tea party birthday event, and that means pulling out all the stops with party supplies like pretty plates and napkins, and plastic cutlery that go with an elegant affair.

Girls could dress in frilly frocks and wear velvet bows in their hair as they sip tea and dine on muffins and peppermint ice cream.

The room could be decorated in pink with lace doilies and cute stuffed animals attending with their human guests. You could give out Victorian-style wooden folding fans as a sweet birthday party favor. 

Encourage guests to dress up and maybe even wear costumes suitable for the occasion. You could even have a trunkful of fun accessories for guests to put on when they arrive to make the experience even more fun.


4. Rainbow Royalty

If you’re going for the pot of gold at your child’s birthday party, why not decorate in a colorful rainbow theme?

The sky is the limit here with cake and cupcakes featuring rainbow frosting or cookies with colored M&Ms or chocolate pretzels dipped in rainbow sugar. There are lollipops in a rainbow of colors to set out with snacks. You could have rainbow-themed napkins with matching paper plates and cups to set the cheery mood along with rainbow party streamers.

If you’re feeling extra you can even add a colorful rainbow pinata filled with an assortment of candy. You could even create a scavenger hunt with a pot of gold at the end of it. The sky is the limit.

Your young impressionable guests would love to go home with special party favors like rainbow bracelets and rings or rainbow pencil cases and erasers.

There are also rainbow hair extensions to consider and candy necklaces, too. With all of these fun games and party favors your guests are sure to have a wonderful time and your birthday boy or girl will feel so special.

5. Dino-mite Dinosaurs

What kid isn’t captivated by the world of dinosaurs?

Your partygoers will have a prehistoric grand time with this popular birthday theme. For example, you could set up a Dino Dig by hiding some toy dinosaurs into a bucket of sand. Your guests could each take a turn digging for some fossils and finding their own treasures.

There are all kinds of colorful balloon banners for decorating. Choose one that says Roar! like a dinosaur. Each foil balloon is large, measuring about 15 inches tall.

Set up a dinosaur ice cream bar where the kids can create their own sundae masterpieces. Include some prehistoric toppings like dinosaur eggs, gummies, and sprinkles.

There are even colorful pinatas shaped as dinosaurs to complete the party theme. Take a whack, and see what tumbles out!

All children enjoy a birthday celebration, especially when they are the honored recipients. To create a memorable and fun birthday event, all it takes is a great imagination, lots of color and some of your child’s favorite things to do and see. Gather your party supplies, set out some yummy snacks, and let nature take its course.

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