We speak with more than just words. It is why a speech is always more powerful than a letter. It’s why speaking to someone one-on-one is more effective than an email. We are beings that rely on all five of our main senses, which is why when communicating to your team, a client, or business partner you need to do more than just perfect the words you use. You need to convey it with your mind, body, and soul: 

Know How to Show Confidence 

A leader must be confident, and this confidence should feel natural. You need to be able to stand up to all those working for you and explain what you want to them. You need to boost their morale and be the one they naturally look to for direction. 

Confidence, authority, and leadership. You can convey all these traits through your words and through body language. Standing tall, stance wide, and open body language goes far. It can help you appear more confident and even make your voice stronger. 

This can be difficult, especially if you are a nervous public speaker or have a tick like a twitch, but with time, you can work on being confident, calm, and commanding. 

Know How to Show Attentiveness

When someone talks to you, you need to show that they have your attention 100%. 

Maintain eye contact and use active listening techniques and don’t close off your body by hunching or crossing your arms. These are small actions and yet they help so much to convey that you are interested and engaged in what someone else is saying. 

Know How to Show Cooperativeness 

A leader might be in charge, but they are part of a team. You, therefore, need to convey with your body language that you are cooperative and helpful. Do this by mirroring their body language to show that you are in alignment with them, smile, and use body language to convey you are listening and confident. 

These body language suggestions are not the only ones that you can use. Some might feel more natural than others. Try them all out and see how your employees respond to your efforts. Tweak your body language and naturally adapt it to be the best for you and your leadership. 

Know How to Combine Body Language with Better Communication Skills 

Body language takes time to learn and adopt because it needs to be consciously done enough to become muscle memory. Combine the body language you find works best for you with other top communication skills that help you become clearer, more persuasive, and generally a better leader. What you say and how you say it also matter, so combine the aforementioned body language suggestions with new communication tips to be a more communicative and inspiring leader. 

Body language can help you convey your true meaning. When we speak to others there are two sentences going on: what we say and how we say it. By working on your body language skills you can adopt these top tips as second-nature, and improve your cooperation inside and outside of the workplace.