Many parents are currently struggling to educate their children from home in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. It can take months for kids to get used to homeschooling, and older children used to school regimentation may struggle the most. For teens and older children, using technology and other structural aids to assist in homeschooling can be beneficial. Here are some ways parents can use technology to educate older children when stuck at home.

Educational Apps

As older children adjust to learning in an environment they are used to relaxing in, take advantage of educational apps. National Geographic and the Smithsonian have apps that allow students to learn about natural and cultural history, and many museums and historical sites are offering virtual tours. Let your children explore and come up with fun ways for them to share what they have learned—perhaps by teaching their younger siblings or giving a presentation.

Online School Programs

If you think your children will benefit from an outside structure, then look into online school programs. Many schools offer distance education like online high school or science camps. Look into school programs offered online to give your children a chance to have a school-like setting, to interact remotely with teachers and other students, and to work on homework and projects.

Learn Programming

One thing that most students can do from home if they have a computer is learn programming and coding. Online providers like Codecademy and Free Code Camp offer free courses that your kids can use to learn applicable job skills that will help them in college and beyond. Programming is an excellent field to learn from home as it doesn’t require much in the way of supplies and will be an easy way to teach your kids about technology and science. Your kids could also learn how to make video games and their own apps, which is a great way to get them absorbed and interested in computer science.

Youtube Tutorials

While you will want to be sure you are monitoring your child’s social media and internet usage, Youtube is free and has a large amount of high quality educational videos that will be great for both older and younger children to learn about science, literacy, and math. Video essays on great works of literature and science experiments can help your older children to get invested and excited about their education. Be creative and don’t be afraid to let your kids have fun.

Look into these and other methods to teach your children through technology while at home.