You do not have to spend a fortune to throw an amazing baby shower for your expectant sister. With a little creativity and work, you can host a shower that is worthy of your sister and the new addition to your family. Here are a few ideas to consider for planning your DIY baby shower.

Eats and Drinks:

 This is your sister’s baby shower and you should make sure that you can be in the moment and enjoy the special occasion along with your family. For this reason, be sure to choose food and drink items that can be prepared in advance so that you are not tied to the kitchen during the event. Another good idea is to hire a teenager to help with food prep and ensure that everything is going smoothly in the kitchen. Easy food ideas to consider include tea sandwiches, Caprese skewers, a charcuterie platter, crockpot meatballs, pasta salad, a fruit tray, and sliders. Fun dessert ideas outside of the traditional cake include cupcakes, mason jars with fruit salad, and a chocolate fondue fountain. Do not be afraid to think outside of the box with your food choices.

Consider a Sentimental Gift:

 Rather than showering the new mom with traditional gifts, consider a sentimental present that she will enjoy for years to come. A particularly good idea is a newborn picture package. According to The Newborn Lady, a provider of newborn photography in Houston, Texas, proud parents will go crazy over a photo package that they can use to document these first special weeks as a new family. A newborn photo package also makes a great group gift idea if several people are looking to chip in for something extra meaningful.

Practical Centerpieces:

 Rather than waste money on cute centerpieces that will simply be thrown away after the big bash, consider making something that has a practical use after all of the guests have gone home. For example, you can make a diaper cake centerpiece that uses cloth diapers to create an adorable yet functional gift. Or start the baby’s book collection with a stack of classic books stacked up and tied with a pretty ribbon in the middle of the table. If you cannot bear the idea of not having fresh flowers at the shower, consider using your floral centerpiece as a prize for one of the shower games.

Make it Fun:

 No shower is complete without the obligatory round of games. Be sure to consider your audience when planning your slate for games. For example, a couple’s shower might have a bunch of rowdier games that appeal to both genders while a guest list compromised of females might appreciate a different set of activities. A good icebreaker that works for a variety of guests is to ask them to bring their own baby picture. You can then hang these up and let people match up the baby with the adult. A fun couples shower game is to fill baby bottles with an adult beverage and see who can chug the bottle the fastest.

Create a Theme:

Choosing a theme for your DIY shower will provide you a guiding framework as you plan this fun event. Be sure to get input from your sister so that you can select a theme that will appeal to her personal tastes and preferences. If you know the gender of the baby already, it is easy to find ideas that will complement the color scheme and theme of the shower. Capitalize on the popularity of the fake mustache trend with an adorable mustache baby shower for a boy. Or design a traditional tea party to honor the arrival of a baby girl. If you have not revealed the gender to family and friends, the shower is the perfect time to make this happen while working it into the overall theme.

This amazing time for your family deserves to be celebrated with the best baby shower that you can put together. The love that you share with your sister will be evident as she enjoys being the center of attention on this day.