Not every woman loves to work in the role of a caregiver above all, but that doesn’t mean that your skills as a mother have nothing to offer your career. If you are great with kids, have a real love for them, and feel like you could work with children outside of your own home, then there are plenty of careers that make great use of your abilities as a mom. Here are just a few of them.

Teaching in early education

Do you have a genuine concern for the futures of our children, the kind of people they may grow to be, and the careers that they might have when they grow up? As demanding as it can be, working in early education, such as teaching in kindergarten, can see you playing a pivotal role that can help lay the foundations for a successful journey through education from a very young age. 

Taking care of kids

We’re making no assumptions about how much time you might want to spend in the role as a caregiver. However, if you have plenty of care and attention spare, then working in a daycare or setting up a childminding service of your own could be one of the jobs with the most job security, so long as you are diligent and ensure that you follow all the regulations. There are always going to be plenty of working moms and dads who need a little help in taking care of their kids when they’re working.

Working with those who need help the most

Not every child is raised into the kind of family environment that might be best for them or may be affected by other circumstances that mean they cope with problems that negatively impact their quality of life. Social workers can help ensure that their well-being is protected, though it can be an emotionally exhausting job and involve getting eye-to-eye with some truly harrowing elements. There are many different types of social workers, that might involve working with schools, families, pediatric care providers, and so on. If you have a stomach of iron and a real desire to help, it might be a calling that could use you.

Learning more about children

If you have a desire to develop not just your insight of children, but how well we understand and support them as a society, then working in a child development career could be the right role for you. We all know how important the formative years of our development are, and researching their behavior and growth can help us gain new insights that can change how we educate and care for them as they grow up, ensuring their development and wellbeing through institutional change.

If you’re good with children and you have a desire to work to see them cared for and given every opportunity to excel, then the above careers are just examples. There are plenty of more specialized roles that you should take a closer look at to see exactly where you fit.