Summer is almost here, and families are dreaming of vacations – at the lake, the beach or even in their own backyard. For many, summer vacation would not be complete without the family pet along for the fun.

According to Forbes, 68 percent of American households own pets. When they hit the road, they have two choices. They can take their pet with them, or board it and let someone else take care of it.

New technologies can ease the travel burden so families – pets included – can spend time together. If you are planning a summer getaway with your pet, here are six cool gadgets to consider.

1. Automatic Ball Launcher

As a pet parent, you could play with your dog all day. But too many rounds of fetch are not good for your back. You need an automatic ball launcher.

Automatic ball launchers hurl tennis balls for hours of play. After fetching a ball, your dog drops it back into the receiver. The device continues to throw balls for as long as your dog wants to play.

2. LED Dog Toys

Although days are longer in the summer, some pets and their owners cannot get enough playtime. They stay outdoors into the night. If you and your dog are night owls, LED toys will let you play well after sunset.

LED stands for “light-emitting diode.” LED pet toys have “summer fun” written all over them. From bouncing balls to flying discs, these light-up toys are ideal for a game of late-night fetch. Your dog will love them.

3. Dog Water Ramp

Are you vacationing at the lake this summer? Your dog may enjoy jumping overboard – but getting back on the boat is another story. You need a water ramp.

A floating ramp allows your pet to get out of the water and back on the boat or dock – or even the pool deck. A pool ramp for dogs is made for your own back yard. It is lightweight, portable and easy to attach to any flat surface. Best of all, your dog will know how to use it by instinct. 

4. Dog Cooling Apparel

Dog cooling apparel keeps your dog cool and safe in the summer. A cooling collar uses ice cubes to drip water down the dog’s chest. The dripping water simulates sweat to cool your dog’s temperature.

A cooling bandanna fits around your dog’s neck. Instead of ice cubes, it uses non-toxic polymer crystals to absorb water and cool the dog. The bandanna is washable and reusable.

A cooling vest is a super-sized version of the cooling collar and cooling bandanna. The difference is the full-coverage cooling it gives your dog. It is especially handy on long walks or camping and hiking trips.

5. Smart Toy Bin

Parents teach their kids how to put their toys away in a toy box. Now, you can do the same for your dog with a smart toy bin. This gadget trains your dog to drop his gear inside the box.

A smart toy bin contains sensors that detect the weight of a toy as your dog drops it inside. In exchange, the box dispenses a tasty treat that reinforces the behavior.

6. Interactive Pet Camera

If pets are not allowed on your vacation, you can still play with your pet from afar. How is this possible? The answer is an interactive pet camera.

This small, wireless-enabled cube allows you to interact with your pet through a mobile app. It contains a camera, microphone, speakers and a low-level laser. These components allow you to engage with your pet from your phone.

A pet camera is a wonderful summer gadget, loved by pets and parents alike. You can talk to your pet, keep him active and maintain the bond even when you must be apart.


The latest technologies in pet care, take the hassle out of summer travel. It gives you a degree of freedom so you can enjoy your vacation and remain carefree. With cool gadgets like those above, you can kick back with all your family – even your pets.