Your kitchen is considered the center or true heart of your home, and that is why an outdated kitchen brings little to your prized investment, and yet, you don’t want to break the bank with a costly and lengthy overhaul. Design experts have some amazing and affordable trends that you can try for creating the cooking space you dream about in 2020. Check out these popular upgrades:

1. Paint It Blue

Paint is always one of the least expensive methods for breathing new life into a room, and the favorite five years running now remains the shade of blue. Even the famous Pantone Color Institute has named Classic Blue as its 2020 Color of the Year.

Here is a simple but effective tip from HGTV’s Laurie March. Not everything needs to be matchy-matchy or monochrome in today’s modern kitchen. Look for rich texture, and to give your kitchen a great pop of color, try painting just one item blue like the lower half of the cabinets, March suggests.

2. Hide The Sink

Yes, that’s what we said. Hiding the sink is a clever strategy for providing a little more space in an area that can get cluttered pretty fast.

One expert recommends “hiding” your sink with an attractive sliding wood countertop that doubles as an eating area when it’s open.

Even upgrading to a newer sink is a great way to upgrade your kitchen and if you need help with the plumbing simply search for “faucet repair near me” and you will find qualified professionals that can help with your remodeling desires.

3. Use Modern Metals

The year 2020 is ushering in new materials for kitchen upgrades, and one of these focuses on the metals in your important cooking space. There are excellent options to choose from when updating your range hood, lighting fixtures or the hardware on your cabinetry.

Consider modern metals like brushed gold, copper, matte aluminum and others to add freshness and a contemporary vibe.

4. Choose Fab Flooring

Often times, your kitchen floor gets lost in the update decisions you make, but beautiful flooring makes a difference. If you’re tired of old-fashioned vinyl, then trade it in for stone, cork, tile or wood and achieve that timeless elegance.

Flooring color trends at the moment feature lights, whites, grays, and high variations.

Smooth kitchen floors are always stylish, but hot flooring textures for the new year include distressed, hand-scraped, wire-brushed and reclaimed.

If you’re on a strict budget, a new rug for your kitchen can also accent your space. For example, a vibrant rug can wake up a neutral-colored kitchen. Maybe you would like to add a beautiful pattern to your cooking space, and a rug in a vintage design can deliver. Bold geometric prints are trending now, also.

5. Beautify the Backsplash 

Your kitchen backsplash may not seem so important, but this keyspace has been designed to tie your cabinets and countertops together.

The backsplash is a small area to remodel, typically a 2-by-3 foot area, but there are a wide variety of backsplashes to choose from. The rectangular subway tiles are still kitchen-stylish, but a few of the hot trends for 2020 include tiles in herringbone, hexagon and floral designs.

Your backsplash should showcase the color scheme of your kitchen and its unique interior personality.

Let’s be totally honest. Sometimes, you don’t have the budget available to gut your entire kitchen. That is why simple, sensible and attractive upgrades can add refinement and a modern look to the heart of your home without always relying on the hammer. Take your time, be creative and have fun with your kitchen updates.